The 20 Highest-Paid Internships In The USA

Published On 06/08/2015 Published On 06/08/2015
20th Century Fox

If your summer internship experience revolved around fetching coffee, filling out spreadsheets, and trying not to get in anybody's way—congrats! You are just like everybody else.

But for a select few, an internship can be not only a springboard for a career path, but a well-paying gig in and of itself. Using data gathered by Glassdoor, we've ranked the 20 companies that dole out the most dough to their plebes. Step 1: get into tech. Step 2: move to NorCal. Step 3: profit. 


20. Qualcomm

What They Do: Global semi-conductor company, designing and marketing wireless telecommunication products and services
Headquarters: San Diego, California
Company Perks: Heated swimming pool and sauna, free soda machines, on-site farmer's stand
Monthly Base Pay: $4,823

Paul Taggart

19. Capital One

What They Do: Bank holding company, credit cards, home loans, auto loans
Headquarters: Tyson's Corner, Virginia 
Company Perks: Mobile phone discounts, pet-friendly workplace, access to travel concierge
Monthly Base Payment: $4,850


18. Yahoo!

What They Do: Tech company, search engine, email, news, etc.
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California 
Company Perks: Fully-equipped health club, company transport, 24/7 cafeteria 
Monthly Base Pay: $5,039


17. BlackRock

What They Do: Investment management corporation, risk and asset management
Headquarters: New York, New York
Company Perks: Mobile phone discount, free lunch/snacks, use of company car
Monthly Base Pay: $5,049


16. SalesForce

What They Do: Global cloud computing
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Company Perks: Paid days off to volunteer, philanthropic gift-matching program
Monthly Base Pay: $5,158


15. ConocoPhillips 

What They Do: Oil and gas, energy exploration
Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Company Perks: Free lunches, pet-friendly workspace, gym membership
Monthly Base Pay: $5,357

Paul Sakuma

14. Adobe

What They Do: Computer software focusing on multimedia and creativity software
Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Company Perks: On-site massage service, stipend for those who bike to work
Monthly Base Pay: $5,409

Markets Morning

13. Chevron

What They Do: Multinational energy corporation
Headquarters: San Ramon, California
Company Perks: Gym membership, flexible/compressed work schedules
Monthly Base Pay: $5,424


12. Nvidia

What They Do: Tech revolving around mobile computing
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Company Perks: Freshly prepared (not free, but cheap) food, intern-specific events like paintball and scavenger hunts
Monthly Base Pay: $5,446

Digital Trends

11. Amazon

What They Do: Online retailer selling basically everything, drone-enthusiasts
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Company Perks: On-campus farmer's market, free on-site concerts/meet and greets
Monthly Base Pay: $5,631


10. Apple

What They Do: They probably made the device you are reading this on
Headquarters: Cupertino, California 
Company Perks: Product discounts, food from Cafe Mac, free apples (seriously), "beer bashes" every month
Monthly Base Pay: $5,723


9. Google

What They Do: If you are really not sure, Google it
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California 
Company Perks: Nap pods, haircuts, gourmet meals, on-site doctors, free massages 
Monthly Base Pay: $5,969

Sebastien Pirlet

8. ExxonMobil

What They Do: Multinational oil and gas corporation
Headquarters: Irving, Texas
Company Perks: Access to Royal Esso clubhouse (free drinks!) as well as numerous social outings
Monthly Base Pay: $5,972


7. eBay

What They Do: Auction-based e-commerce site
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Company Perks: Bagel Wednesdays, rooftop parties, in office arcade
Monthly Base Pay: $6,126


6. Microsoft

What They Do: Technology in general
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington
Company Perks: Onsite oil changes, expert-led financial education seminars, discounts at local businesses 
Monthly Base Pay: $6,138


5. Facebook

What They Do: Social media mega-giant 
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California 
Company Perks: Onsite barber shop, three free meals a day, unlimited hoodies
Monthly Base Pay: $6,213

USA Today

4. LinkedIn

What They Do: Business and career-centric social networking site 
Headquarters: Mountain View California, California 
Company Perks: Free yoga classes, LinkedIn Speaker Series, with live speakers like Seth Myers and Deepak Chopra
Monthly Base Pay: $6,230


3. Twitter

What They Do: Social media platform
Headquarters: San Francisco, California 
Company Perks: Rooftop work space, steady flow of celebs, office gym
Monthly Base Pay: $6,791


2. VM Ware

What They Do: Cloud and virtualization software and services 
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California 
Company Perks: Relaxation rooms, dry cleaning services, free healthy snacks
Monthly Base Pay: $6,966 


1. Palantir 

What They Do: Computer software and data analysis 
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California 
Company Perks: Complimentary bike (and helmet), organized sports leagues, three chef-prepared meals a day
Monthly Base Pay: $7,012 

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