Scorpion Bowl Etiquette

Congratulations, you just ordered a Scorpion Bowl. The cocktail that awaits you is potent, elaborate, delicious and probably on fire. But before you dive in straw first, let’s establish some ground rules so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your aloha shirt-wearing friends.

1. Never slurp alone.

A Scorpion Bowl is a festive cocktail meant to be enjoyed by two or more people. If you are in the mood to have a quiet drink at the bar alone, do not order a Scorpion Bowl. It will make the people around you very, very sad and it will make you very, very drunk.

2. Don’t blow out the fire.

Your Scorpion Bowl will, most likely, come with a flaming shot of 151 in the center of the bowl. Do not attempt to blow it out. It is not a birthday cake. Enjoy its flickering glow as you sip from your bowl and let the flame burn out on its own.

3. Don't siphon the 151 from the volcano into your drink.

It may not taste strong, but believe us: The punch is plenty potent. You do not need to add any more alcohol (especially when that alcohol is on fire).

4. Don’t drink from someone else’s straw.

Unless you are very close with your drinking companions, keep an eye on your own straw.

5. Don’t blow bubbles.

This is not chocolate milk. And you are not eight.

6. Don’t hog it.

Scorpion Bowls are about sharing. You don’t win if you drink more of it than your companions. In fact, this is the only way to lose at Scorpion Bowl.

7. Don’t drink straight from the bowl.

The straws are there for a reason. Use them.

8. Don’t forget to talk.

The cocktail may be delicious, but don’t let it consume your attentions. Remember to ask your drinking partners about their day, the latest blockbuster out in theaters and their views on pebble ice versus crushed ice. Just stay away from politics—nothing kills a Scorpion Bowl buzz faster than politics.

9. Offer the last slurp to another.

When the lagoon of booze runs dry and only the shallowest of creeks remains, offer that final sip to your cocktail compatriots. No takers? It’s all yours.

10. You do not own the bowl now.

Yes, it’s cool. Yes, it’s intricately designed. Yes, you’ve got a little buzz on and wouldn’t it look great on your kitchen table? But the bar’s Scorpion Bowl is not yours. Do not assert that it is, nor should you attempt to leave with it. You want a scorpion bowl? Buy your own.