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13 Epic Videos of Bros Icing Bros

Icing is simple: Surprise someone with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and watch them get down on one knee to chug the entire bottle (not an insurmountable task at just 4.5 percent ABV). But handing off a bottle with a handshake or slamming a bottle down on a table is amateur hour compared to the methods some icing pros have devised. Check out these videos of bros (and chicks) icing and getting iced in creative, diabolical ways.

Going Down? (To One Knee)

A New Wedding Tradition

Happy Birthday!

And Merry Christmas Too!

What’s That Under Your Hat?

The Last Place Anyone Would Suspect

With This Smirnoff I Thee Ice

The Ladies of Ontario Go Hard

That’s Cold, Bro

Classic Double Cross

That Burrito Really Is Stuffed

Icing Eight Days a Week