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A Very Necessary Crash Course in Hangover Prevention

Hangovers are the pits. One too many Margaritas on Friday night can lead to a Saturday filled with headaches, nausea and an overall sloth-like feeling. Luckily, you’ll never have to go through that again—if you memorize Supercall’s crash course in hangover prevention. We guarantee your body will thank you the next day.

Don’t Imbibe on an Empty Stomach

Before you embark on a night of drinking with your pals, eat something, for the love of god. We’re not talking about a single sushi roll or a wimpy side salad. Have a hearty meal packed with carbs, protein and a little bit of fat to prepare your stomach for the festivities ahead. Pasta or a meat-and-potatoes meal always does the trick.

Drink Water

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which, in turn, causes headaches. Down a full glass of water before you leave the house and make sure you’re constantly sipping H2O throughout the night. Then, end the evening with one more glass of water before bed. It might not help you skirt a hangover entirely, but it will help you recover faster.

Drink Low-Sugar Cocktails

Drinking sugary alcoholic beverages will cause your blood sugar to spike, paving the way for headaches as it comes crashing down. As much as we love our Piña Coladas, it’s best to keep it to one before moving on to something less sugary like a Gin Rickey or a Whiskey Highball.

Stay Awake

Upon returning home after a night of partying, fight your first instinct to faceplant into a soft, comfy bed. Instead, flip on an episode of the show you’re currently binging and spend an hour drinking water. When we sleep, our metabolisms slow down significantly, making it much more difficult for our bodies to process all that alcohol. Spending just a little extra time awake and hydrating will help give your system a head start and cut down on time spent suffering the next morning.

If All Else Fails, Self-Medicate

If you take all the precautionary measures but still wind up falling prey to the dreaded day after, there are ways to speed up the recovery process. First, hydrate. Water, coconut water and chamomile tea are all great options—just get some liquid into your dehydrated husk of a body. Then, as unappetizing as it might sound, eat something. Your body needs the calories to kickstart your metabolism. Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, a substance that helps break down the hangover-inducing toxin acetaldehyde, making them a great option. (We like them best in a tiki-inspired breakfast sandwich). If all else fails, try a little hair of the dog. It won’t cure your hangover, but it will help you delay the pain.