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All Gin Lovers Need to Take a Ride on the Gin Train Experience

You may never get to ride the most famous train in England (which departs from Platform 9 ¾ and heads to Hogwarts, naturally), but you need to know about the next best thing: the Gin Train Experience.

The locomotive is run by Rail Road Events and has two regular runnings, one from Mid Norfolk Railway and one from Peterborough. No matter which one you take, you’re going to live your best juniper-filled life for the entire 75-90 minute ride. The train has five tasting stations, and every time the train stops, there’s a new gin to try. Gin experts give you a briefing on what you’re sipping by dropping botanical knowledge and tonic pairings that you can keep in your back pocket for later. If you go VIP, you get a welcome Gin and Tonic as well.

Each of the five tastings are 15 milliliters, or around half an ounce, which means you get just less than two shots total included in the ticket price of around $37 ($50 for VIP). More drinks are available for purchase should you find yourself particularly attached to one of the new gins you taste. Rail Road Events adds that there’s a free extra bottle of tonic water per person for the tastings, “however most prefer to taste gin neat when trying for the first time.”

Rail Road Events is filling a hole in the train drinking experiences that have popped up during the past year. Tequila lovers have the Jose Cuervo and Herradura trains in Mexico, wine fiends have the Napa Wine Train and the Canada wine train (to name a few), and beer drinkers have the Napa Beer Train. The list of alcohol-themed trains goes on and on. But no trains were delivering for the gin drinkers of the world, and it’s only fitting that a gin train would arrive in the same country as some of the best gin distilleries in the world.

If you find yourself in England, you can schedule a ride for yourself on the Rail Road Events booking page.