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7 Crazy Ways People Have Snuck Booze onto a Cruise

The endless drinking on a cruise is pretty much the only reason to get on board, but the price-gauged beverage packages can cost you a fortune—and often get you the lowest quality booze on board. While bringing your own hard liquor is prohibited, some savvy drinkers have skirted the rules by sneaking alcohol past security with clever tricks. So if you’d rather save your money for swimming with the dolphins, take inspiration from these seven crazy ways people snuck booze onto their cruise.

Rum Runner Bags

The most popular way to sneak alcohol onto a cruise is with the Rum Runner, a flask specially designed to do just that, even though it’s really no more than a sealable plastic bag. Load them into your checked bags or slide them into the ridiculous pockets of your cargo shorts. But if you’re bringing as much alcohol as this Twitter user, you’re going to need a lot of pockets.


The other highly successful method of smuggling liquor onto a cruise is inside a large bottle of mouthwash, filled with a clear booze like vodka or gin, and dyed blue, green or purple with food coloring. Follow these Snapchat screenshots for step by step instructions on how to pull off the feat.


Parent of the year goes to this Twitter user’s mom, who snuck alcohol into shampoo, conditioner and body lotion bottles—enough for the whole family to enjoy.  


No security guard will fault you for bringing extra sunscreen on your cruise so you can safely luxuriate on the top deck. That makes these sunscreen flasks the perfect boozy disguise (just remember to bring actual sunscreen, too).

Umbrella Flask

This YouTube user also opted for the shampoo bottle method, but upped the ante by bringing more alcohol in a travel umbrella flask. She also filmed the bags being safely checked into her cabin, clandestine booze intact.

Wine Bottle

Many cruises allow you to bring one bottle of wine in your luggage, as long as it’s completely sealed. So how do you make the bottle look like it’s never been opened and filled with hard alcohol? Easy! (Not really.) One YouTube user details how to achieve the effect by hammering the cork down into the bottle, draining the wine, retrieving the cork via a plastic bag, filling the bottle with dark booze, dying it red, hammering the undamaged cork back in, and sealing with heat shrink foil. Piece of cake.

A Good Old Fashioned Bribe

When in doubt, you could always try bribing the security guard. A risky move for sure, this YouTube user put a massive box of wine in his suitcase, with a $10 bill attached to it. Amazingly, the box of wine remained in the luggage, with the crisp Hamilton still tagged on.