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The Most Insane Seoul Trains

psysulshow / Youtube

Known as a Seoul Train (Don Cornelius not included) or a Soju Bomb Domino, this epic Korean shot and a beer combo is a fun and boozy way to drink Soju. To make a Seoul Train, first line up a consecutive row of beer glasses (preferably filled with a Korean lager), then balance a row of shot glasses full of soju on the connecting lips of each beer glass. When you’re ready to start the debauchery, simply topple the first shot glass to create a chain reaction and watch it stretch the length of the row of beer glasses. The only limitation to the length (or absurdity) of your Seoul Train is your imagination — and alcohol tolerance. Here are nine masterfully executed attempts at the Korean drinking game.

Seoul Train 101: Please Watch Your Step

First Stop: Party Town

Fun for the Whole Family

The Little Seoul Train That Could

This Seoul Train Has a Master Conductor

The Transcontinental Seoul Train


You Can Use Your Head...

Or Get it Started...Gangnam Style