How to Take a Tequila Shot

It’s past midnight and you’re out with buddies. You’re ready to call it a night, but then one friend, determined to take things to the next level, screams, “Tequila shots!” That gives you about five minutes to remember if it’s “tequila, lime, salt,” or “salt, tequila, lime,” or “lime, tequila, toss the salt over your shoulder for good luck.” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And we’re going to make this snappy before your friend comes back with a plastic shot of tequila that has your name on it like it’s a Starbucks Frap. Here’s how you take a tequila shot without making a fool of yourself.

The TL;DR: Salt, Tequila, Lime

Just remember: Lick, Sip, Suck. You should be good with those brief instructions, but if the bartender is busy and your friend is taking a little while, or if you’re a true novice (we were all there once), keep reading and shoot that tequila in style.

Step One: Lick the Salt

Prepare the salt by licking the part of your hand where your thumb meets your index finger (or pour a splash of water on it from your cup if you’re classy). This will act as “adhesive” for the salt, preventing it from just spilling off your hand. Then, sprinkle some salt onto your hand. Say a cheers to friendship, silently say your pre-tequila prayer in your head and lick the salt off your hand. This will lessen the burn of the impending tequila.

Step Two: Shoot the Tequila

Now it’s time to shoot the tequila. Don’t sip it, don’t hold your nose, and try not to wince; just knock it back. This isn’t a wine tasting; it’s a party shot. Let out a “whoof!” if you must, but don’t dwell on the theatrics too long because we ain’t done yet.

Step Three: Suck on the Lime

Last but not least: the lime. Sweet relief. After you’ve slammed down your tequila shot, pop that lime wedge into your mouth like you’re Steph Curry chewing on his mouth guard. The citrus juices will provide instant relief from that cheap tequila burn. Once you’ve sucked the life out of that lime, pop it in your shot glass to keep the bar tidy, and walk away a tequila-shot-taking champion.