What Your Zodiac Sign Says About How You Partay

Mark Yocca/Supercall
Mark Yocca/Supercall

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you—from your deepest desires, to your romantic fate, to (according to our resident seers) your favorite cocktails and spirits. It’s also a pretty good gauge for how you like to party, since the perfect night out—or, for some of us, in—is different for everyone. Here, what the stars say about how you thrown down.


Loyal, sympathetic and intuitive, Cancers are the best listeners. While they may not enjoy opening up themselves, they’re always there for a friend in need, making them the ideal drinking buddies for an intimate sesh at home. Cancers prefer to host a few close friends to mix some cocktails, make a homemade meal and get down to the nitty-gritty: So, what’s going on with you, really? [Pops open another bottle of wine.]


The most passionate of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios love a night of mystery and intrigue. Whether they’re out with friends, significant others or on their own, Scorpios seek out the unknown. Their perfect night out consists of dressing up in their finest, finding the coolest underground scene (bonus if it’s a real speakeasy with a password and everything) and coaxing secrets out of strangers.  

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No one values alone time quite like a Pisces. Extraordinarily in touch with their emotions, Pisces need time to reflect on the week and let themselves really feel their feelings. Forget the wild night out; they just want to draw a hot bath, light some candles, put on their favorite music and finish off that bottle of red wine—maybe even have a good cry if the mood strikes them.   


Aries love a good physical challenge. It gives them a chance to release some of their pent up energy. So for them, it doesn’t get better than outdoor drinking. We’re not talking laid back rooftop drinking. We’re talking hiking with a flask on the trail, toting a gallon-sized cocktail to the beach for a game of ultimate friz, or cracking open an icy cold one during a backyard Corn Hole tournament. An active Aries is a happy Aries.  


The lion is the king of the jungle, but the Leo is the king of da club. Some would call them arrogant, but really Leos are just confident and natural born leaders who know how to command a room. Not satisfied with a quiet night in, Leos are happiest when they’re being treated like royalty, from premium spirit bottle service to sipping Champers in the VIP box at the game. Even if they don’t have stacks of dollar bills themselves, they’re charming enough to score an invite from those who do.

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Those born under this sign are plagued with lifelong wanderlust. Curious and enthusiastic, Sagittarius are obsessed with travel and are constantly trying new things. Their absolute favorite way to party is to go to somewhere far flung where they can become entrenched in the local culture and partake in crazy drinking experiences. If they don’t have the opportunity to jet off to a foreign land, Sagittarius are happy to explore the hidden gems of their own neighborhoods, blindly ordering whatever flaming concoction the bartender recommends.


Friends may call them stubborn, but Taurus prefer the word “reliable.” They like what they like, and they’ll be loyal to those things until they die. Flair bartending gimmicks don’t impress them, and they don’t see the point of waiting hours in line at the latest trendy hot spot for an overpriced cocktail. Instead, they’ll hit the local bar they’ve been going to for years, where the bartender knows their name, their drink order and exactly how the like it. They’re a regular and, chances are, this one’s on the house.

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Virgos are known for putting their work above most else, but that doesn’t mean they won’t let their hair down with a cocktail every now and then—they just make it fit around their schedule. Virgos enjoy a sophisticated craft cocktail bar, one that’s near their office so they can squeeze in drink at happy hour and maybe even get away with expensing it. They appreciate a bartender who knows the classics and pays extra close attention to detail, one that won’t overlook the correct garnish or half-ass the required length of stirring for a properly chilled Martini.


You won’t find Capricorns out at the bar every night, but they’ll never flake on you when it matters. Capricorns love special occasions and they’d never miss a birthday party, engagement or promotion celebration. They’ll host themed get-togethers for friends year-round (they throw the ultimate Friendsgivings) and you best believe they’ll show up to every holiday party they’re invited to—pitcher of Eggnog in hand.

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There’s never a boring day in the life of Gemini. The most sociable, extroverted sign in the zodiac, they’re especially fascinated with other people’s lives and their stories. They have the ability to strike up a discussion with strangers almost instantly. The perfect night out for them includes bar-hopping to wherever the crowd takes them and (whether they’re single or not) confidently chatting up people at the bar. They love when someone buys them a drink, and they’ll definitely return the favor in exchange for some thoughtful dialogue.


One-on-one time is of the utmost importance to a Libra, whether that be with their significant other, friends or family members. Instead of getting pulled in different directions by a big group, Libras prefer to enjoy an intimate activity with a loved one. They have a special appreciation for all things beautiful, so they’d love to have dinner at the museum, a wine and cheese night at an art gallery, or even try their hand at a Drink and Draw class.


Exceptionally worldly, Aquarius love to flex their intellectual muscles. They’re fans of small get-togethers, and enjoy provocative debates and showing off their own knowledge of esoteric subjects (snatch one up for your next trivia night and you’ll be richly rewarded). Aquarius are just as likely to go out by themselves to a wine or spirits tasting, a fancy supper club or a lecture, where they can comfortably voice their opinions with people who have similar interests, even if they’re complete strangers.