25 Brilliant Packaging Designs That Sell Themselves

It's no surprise that brands agonize over how to package their products to keep you buying more. But, like with anything in business, some are undeniably much, much better at it. We've rounded up 25 packaging designs—for both real and conceptual items—that hit it out of the park.

Honestly, who knew no. 2 pencils could look so damn sexy?

1. BEEloved honey

2. Leuven bagged beer tote

3. Anti-Theft sandwich bags

4. Bellroy Wallet's lined shipping envelope

5. Blood Of Grapes wine bottle

6. Corella's meat trays

7. Brushman brand shaving brushes

8. Brown egg cartons

9. Festina's waterproof watches

10. Gigs 2 Go disposable flash drives

11. Hanger tea bags

12. Imperial Pencil Co. boxes

13. LH20 brand water bottles

14. Pantone beer cans

15. Pizza box with built-in paper dishes

16. Mighty Nuts' pistachio snack packs

17. Pop-up microwave popcorn dish

18. Røkeriet smoked salmon

19. Svbscription quarterly packages

20. Whitebites rawhide sticks

21. 2-sided wine bottle with built-in glasses

22. Harry's shaving kit

23. Naked Skincare bottles

24.  Limited edition Nike Air Max bubble box

25. Görtz bird collectible shoelace packs

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor who admittedly judges books by their covers.