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Here’s How Many Drinks You Could Buy Instead of an iPhone X

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It’s shiny. It has a seemingly endless screen. It can take photos that rival your SLR. And it recognizes your face. The iPhone X is very cool—no one is denying that. But is it cooler than 200 beers? Before you ratchet up your monthly phone bill, make sure you know exactly what you’re giving up.

We looked into the average cost of a selection of drinks* and did the math to find out exactly how many of those drinks you could order instead of buying an iPhone X. We’re not saying you shouldn’t purchase one, we’re just saying you should budget out for Margaritas on top of your flashy new waterproof toy.

*Note: Average drink costs are based on New York City prices.

1 64GB iPhone X: $999


Domestic Canned Beer: $5
1 iPhone X = 199.8 domestic canned beers

That’s a whole lot of PBRs and Narragansetts. In fact, that’s a beer a day for more than half a year.


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Draught Beer: $7
1 iPhone X = 142.7 draught beers

Think of that fresh, frothy ale, pouring right from the tap. Now think of that happening nearly 143 times.


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Glass of Wine: $11
1 iPhone X = 91.8 glasses of wine

That’s about 23 full bottles of wine when you add up all those glasses of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.


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Martini: $15
1 iPhone X = 66.6 Martinis

Can you hear your inner James Bond screaming out for a future filled with icy cold cocktail after icy cold cocktail? Shaken, stirred, reversed—you could have all the Martinis with that amount of money.


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Shot of Well Tequila: $8
1 iPhone X = 124.9 shots of well tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three hundred and twenty four tequila. Lime and salt come free with every tequila shot. Can you say that about every iPhone?



Vodka Soda: $9
1 iPhone X = 111 Vodka Sodas

That’s enough Vodka Sodas to satisfy an entire bar full of basic b*tches.


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Scorpion Bowl: $35
1 iPhone X = 28.5 Scorpion Bowls

Twenty eight and a half Scorpion Bowls may not seem like a lot, but consider the sheer volume of booze that comes in just one bowl. For nearly $1,000, you could get one Scorpion Bowl every other week (and then some) for a year for you and your three closest friends to slurp down.



Glass of Frosé: $14
1 iPhone X = 71.4 glasses of Frosé

You can fill an entire summer with that amount of slushy pink wine.



Pour of Quality Scotch: $17
1 iPhone X = 58.8 pours of quality scotch

What you’ll lack in processing power you’ll make up in class if you opt for glass after glass of good, good scotch instead of an upgrade.


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Happy Hour Margarita: $6
1 iPhone X = 166.5 happy hour Margaritas

You know what your coworkers don’t care about? Your new phone. You know what they love? Discount Margs. The choice is clear.

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