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Jimmy Kimmel’s Signature Drink Includes an Unusual Secret Ingredient

Jimmy Kimmel has been in the spotlight even more that usual lately, thanks to his brave and bold politically-fueled monologues. But that’s not what we talked to him about. We talked to him about what we know best: booze. Here, Jimmy reveals the secret ingredient in his signature cocktail, the magical meal that felt like a fantasy and the first drink he ever “legally” ordered.

Supercall: If you were leaving forever and could only take one bottle from your home bar, what would it be?
Jimmy Kimmel: This seems like an unlikely scenario, but I’d probably go with the Johnnie Walker King George V.

SC: What was the first drink you ever legally ordered?
JK: Do fake IDs count as legal? If so, it was a Rum & Coke at a Moose McGillycuddy's in Maui, Hawaii.

SC: If you have to do a shot, what is it?
JK: Ketel One, poured after a quick shake with ice.

SC: What is your signature cocktail that you make at home?
JK: I am well-known for making and drinking what my wife named the “Vodka Jimlet.” It’s basically a Vodka Gimlet with my thumb in it.

SC: What is a bar pet peeve of yours?
JK: When there are no hooks under the bar for my purse.

SC: What is your favorite morning-after-drinking meal?
JK: Coffee and a breakfast burrito, preferably from Cofax Coffee Shop in Hollywood.

SC: What was the best drink you ever had in your life and where did you have it?
JK: I know it’s more dessert than drink, but what pops to mind first is a Piña Colada on the beach in Jamaica.  

SC: What is your favorite bar snack?
JK: When I was living in Vegas, my friend Tommy and I frequented a place called Billy’s West for their great hot wings. We would get a bucket of 50. Each.

SC: What was the most epic meal of your life?
JK: The most "epic” meal I ever had was at a restaurant called Extebarri, located in a remote Basque village at the foot of Mt. Anboto in northern Spain. My friend, chef Adam Perry Lang, knew it and we went with our wives. It is a wood-fired BBQ place unlike any I’ve been to. They specialize in seafood and every course was spectacular. The dishes were simple and so far beyond excellent I don’t even know how to describe them. The oysters and prawns tasted like they had been grilled in the ocean. We had razor clams and beautiful little squid and a perfectly rare-on-the-inside, charred-on-the-outside steak. We drank wine—the wine they told us to drink—and ate 12 courses of applewood-fired magic (although, to be precise, I ate 9 of the courses and my wife ate five). Looking back, I still can’t believe it really happened.  

SC: What is your favorite late-night, too-tired-to-cook, I-just-need-food-now food?
JK: I am never too tired to cook if there are hungry people around, and have been known to whip up a pound or two of linguini marinara in the middle of the night. Left alone to my own devices, I'll hit a jar of peanut butter hard.