This Artist Uses Clay To Sculpt Human Heads Onto Taxidermy, Inspire Nightmares.

If these particular walls could talk, they'd probably say: "Oh hey there, I'm just here to haunt your dreams for all eternity."

Taxidermy by its nature has always been a little creepy, but Brooklyn-based sculptor Kate Clark has decided to up the ante by fusing (clay) human faces onto stuffed animal bodies—in a move that's equal parts Norman Bates, Where The Wild Things Are, and an acid-trip turned horribly awry. I guess the best art is always made to frighten and inspire the masses, right?

The work featured above is titled "Fortitude," which is exactly what you'll need to look at it for more than twelve seconds without losing consciousness. 

For the unsettling art works, Clark uses real animal hide, rubber, foam, and clay to make these macabre masterpieces come to, 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these works for your private collection, you can check out Kate's online shop and request price points.

For what it's worth, I really think the leaping human/gazelle statue could really be the missing link that finally ties your living room together. 

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