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Why Leos Make the Best Drinking Buddies

Mark Yocca / Supercall

When you’re looking for someone to accompany you on a night of revelry at the bar, you have a decision to make. Do you want to drink with a wet blanket water sign, snore through a boring boozing sesh with an earth sign, or lose track of a whimsical air sign the second you step through the bar door? Or do you want to do some serious partying? If you’re looking to turn up, there’s no better choice than a fiery Leo. Here’s why the king of the jungle makes the best drinking buddy.

You Will Have an Epic Night

First, it’s drinks at the bar. Then, there’s dinner at a steakhouse to satisfy the Leo’s hunger for meat, along with Martinis in oversized glasses. Then it’s on to a rowdy dive to really turn up before you hit the club, followed by karaoke. Every time things seem to start winding down, a Leo will emerge from the bar with a couple of Vodka Red Bulls. From the minute you walk into the first of many bars to the moment you lay your head down on your pillow (or more likely a stranger’s couch), a night with a Leo is a rollercoaster.

Leos Will Bring Out Your Party Side

Ask a Leo what time it is, and the answer is always, “time for shots.” Leos go hard, and they expect you to keep up. Be sure to prime yourself with plenty of caffeine and food because you will be doing multiple rounds of shots, and probably gaining more hangers-on as the Leo makes friends throughout the night. Expect loads of tequila and Fireball.

Leos Will Take You to Flashy Clubs

Hitch a ride on a Leo’s arm and stroll past the bouncer into the hottest, turnt up club in town. If your pal is feeling flush (and who wouldn’t with swagger like that), you may even be treated to bottle service at your private table, where the Leo will hold court between turns on the dance floor. All hail the king.

You’ll Never Wait Long for a Drink

Leos don’t do waiting, and they don’t suffer three-deep bars packed with slow-talkers who can’t decide what they want to drink. With a roaring voice, the brash fire sign will charge through a crowd, lasso a bartender, and be back with your order in no time.

You’ll Wake Up to Boozy Brunch

You might think an incredibly late night would leave the Leo sleeping away in his lion’s den, but this fire sign worships the sun and all the day drinking it enables. As Friday bleeds into Saturday, you’ll find the Leo crushing boozy brunch as hard as any party. The Leo’s boundless energy will have them up and hitting your phone by noon, and there’s no snooze button on a Leo.