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Test Your Liquor IQ

The liquor world is a weird place, full of arcane nuances, outdated laws and confusing terminology—making it the perfect subject for trivia. Industry nerds love to geek out on the subtlest of points, but these days anyone can become a spirits expert (thanks, Wikipedia). We’ve done our best to give you the basics. Here’s your chance to prove what you’ve got. This isn’t your garden variety bar trivia. This is a full on liquor IQ test. Step right up and test your mastery of all things boozy.

1: “Single Malt” refers to …

a) Whisky made in one batch
b) Whisky made from one grain
c) Whisky made at one distillery
d) Whisky made by one master distiller

2: Mezcal gets its unique smoky flavor from …

a) The type of agave used
b) The way the agave is cooked
c) The peaty soil where the agave is grown
d) A smoking machine

3: What proof is Navy Strength gin?

a) 57
b) 95
c) 100
d) 114
e) 151

4: Which of these cocktails is not in the Negroni family?

a) Jack Rose
b) Old Pal
c) Boulevardier
d) Americano
e) Jasmine

5: How long is reposado tequila aged?

a) 0-1 month
b) 2-12 months
c) 1-3 years
d) 7-10 years

6: All of these are preparations of a Martini except …  

a) Reverse
b) Dirty
c) Clean
d) Perfect
e) With a twist

7: The national cocktail of Mexico is the …

a) Siesta
b) Paloma
c) Margarita
d) Acapulco
e) There isn’t one

8: In the Colonial era, Rum Flips were traditionally heated …

a) In a frying pan
b) Over a bed warmer
c) By aggressive shaking
d) In the sun
e) With a metal poker

9: All of these commercial flavored vodkas exist except …

a) Wasabi
b) Electricity
c) Smoked Salmon
d) Purple
e) Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


1. C
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. B
8. E
9. E