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5 Liquor Brands That Help Save Endangered Animals

There are very few times when you can claim that taking five shots at Thursday night happy hour is “making the world a better place,” but if you’re drinking one of these liquor brands, it would be one of those times. These alcohol brands all support endangered animals, whether by donating a portion of their profits or through awareness projects. So if you care about saving endangered species from extinction, reach for one of these five charitable bottles of booze.

Snow Leopard Vodka ($39)

Just the name Snow Leopard conjures up the sensation of icy smooth, crisp vodka, but if that wasn’t enticing enough, the spelt vodka brand is also dedicated to the preservation of their namesake animal. The company donates 15 percent of their profits to the Snow Leopard Trust, a nonprofit that works to protect the snow leopard and its habitat in 12 countries in Central Asia. The Trust works with locals to understand the animals’ needs and develop conservation programs. Snow Leopard vodka has raised over $200,000 for the foundation to date.

Wild Tiger Rum ($23)

The faux tiger fur-covered bottle, complete with a plastic tiger tooth dangling from the neck, might make you think that Wild Tiger Rum is nothing but a party drink. Despite the garish bottle, this Indian rum company actually does impressive work to protect endangered tigers. They started the Wild Tiger Foundation, aka the WTF Foundation, as in, “Only 2,000 tigers remain in the Indian forests. WTF?” The brand adopted the Wayanad Tiger Reserve in Kerala, India, and donates 10 percent of its profits to the foundation. These donations help local conservationists, government agencies and NGOs with their efforts to save the tiger and its habitat.

The Naked Turtle White Rum ($12)

This St. Croix-based rum brand helps save the sea turtles featured on their label through their partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy. In addition to donating $40,000 to the conservancy in 2013, they led a campaign called “Kill the Lights, Save the Turtles” which brought awareness to light pollution on the shores (hatchlings and nesting females are attracted to certain artificial light sources, leading them away from the ocean) through a series of “nocturnal parties” lit with invisible-to-turtles LED lighting. The brand also sponsors a sea turtle named Mojito, a hawksbill momma turtle they found on the island of Nevis; you can track Mojito’s journey around the Caribbean on this interactive tracking map.

Elephant Gin ($52)

This German gin’s unique flavor profile is due to its uncommon roster of rare botanicals, like the buchu plant and devil’s claw root, many of which are native to Africa. The distillery further acknowledges its African roots by donating 15 percent of its proceeds to two African elephant foundations: Big Life Foundation’s Ranger Club and the Space for Elephants Foundation. Between the two foundations, this gin helps fund the restoration of migratory routes and anti-poaching rangers’ salaries, purchase equipment and rations, and develop wildlife-related employment opportunities that help discourage unemployed locals from resorting to poaching.

Graveney Gin ($45)

This London-based gin distillery may be very small, producing their organic gin in batches of only 30 bottles at a time, but they’re still making a mighty difference. Graveney Gin gives 10 percent of all profits to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas. The non-profit organization protects and cares for rare mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, educating the public and assisting the rangers who look after the endangered gorillas.