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5 Undercover Flasks to Sneak Booze to the Beach

Sweltering summer days spent at the beach call for a refreshing, thirst-quenching cocktail—but unfortunately, the powers that be don’t always agree. That means you might have to get creative with how you smuggle your booze into restricted sandy areas: Enter flasks specifically camouflaged for beachy summertime escapades. Though we would never encourage you to break the rules, these flasks are worth buying even for the sheer novelty. (They’re especially delightful when filled with one of these beach-ready cocktails.) Here, the five coolest, covert ways to bring booze to the beach—but you didn’t hear that from us.

This ice pack will hold your cocktail—but remember to pair it with a real one that will keep your drink cool.

Ice Pack Flask ($12)

 Forget about whales. We have our sights set on whiskey.

Binocular Flask ($17)

A mermaid’s greatest accessory is booze.

Mermaid Seashell Flask Bag ($30)

Drop this flask in the sand and let it blend in with the shells.


Beach Party Seashell Flask  ($48)

Never forget to bring your SPF to the beach—doctor’s orders.