Stop Using Salt on Your Margarita and Try This Instead

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Stop ordering your Margarita with salt. Even though the little crystals contribute a lot to the cocktail’s flavor, balancing the sweet and sour mix with something savory, they can make each sip overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re dealing with chunkier crystals, which look like gorgeous jewels around your cocktail’s rim, but are often too intensely salty and add a crunchy texture that some imbibers find unpleasant. Plus, many of the crystals end up falling into the glass, which makes the last few sips taste like you’re gulping seawater. Unless you ordered a seriously dirty Dirty Martini, that’s not a good cocktail experience.

And that’s not all. If you’re making Margs at home, rimming a rocks glass with salt makes a mess. After the first few rims, the plate of salt becomes clumpy and hard to work with—oftentimes you need to dump the whole thing and start over again. The salt crystals fall off of the glass onto the floor, into couch cushions and everywhere else you can imagine.

But we’re not saying you should skip the salt entirely. We’re here to tell you that there is a better way to get your fix: the saline rim.

Rimming a glass in a saline solution is easier and cleaner than straight salt, and it results in a much more balanced cocktail. Saline solution is simply salt dissolved in water, so there are no crystals present to litter the floor or get stuck in your teeth. The salty taste is lighter, so even folks who prefer plain Margaritas can appreciate the flavor. Plus, as the saline slowly drips into the cocktail, it gradually and seamlessly blends into the drink, making the classic even more irresistible.

The next time you’re having people over for Margs, try the saline rim for an easy and impressive twist. Simply dissolve one part salt into two parts warm water, and chill the mixture until you’re ready to make cocktails. Rim rocks glasses by simply dipping them into a plate of the saline solution, then pat yourself on the back as the compliments roll in.