Martha Stewart on Her Favorite Cocktail, Snoop Dogg and Wine-tails

Martha Stewart is an expert in a lot of fields—interior decorating, gardening, raising ponies, how to live your best life—and now she’s adding another subject to her rolodex of expertise: wine. Over the years, the hostess with the mostess has built up a cellar of trustworthy wines, which she now sells to her followers through Martha Stewart Wine Co. with the Martha Stewart stamp of approval. But Stewart’s expertise isn’t limited to which bottle to buy. She also has some guidance for drinkers after their bottles have been delivered to their doorsteps.

Supercall caught up with the entertaining goddess to ask her opinion on a range of boozy matters, from her favorite cocktails (with or without wine), to party taboos, to her Potluck Dinner co-host Snoop Dogg.

Supercall: Do you ever mix your wine into cocktails? What are some of your favorite wine-tails?

Martha Stewart: Oh, all the time. You can make a sparkling wine spritzer, which I think is very nice. You can take a sparkling wine and make a wonderful sparkling Aperol drink with it. Take a little of a rosé or a beautiful Moscato and put a little bit of Aperol in that with a good slice of orange. Why not? It’s not like you’re putting it into a $150 bottle of Champagne.

SC: What’s one tip you have for making drinks while balancing hosting duties?

MS: I think the first you thing you do as a hostess is offer some sort of beverage for your guests. I often make a special cocktail and everyone gets the same drink. Or I just open a very nice ice cold rosé, and let them have that with some very nice cheese and wait for dinner.

SC: Do you have a favorite cocktail?

MS: My favorite cocktail of all time is probably a Caipirinha. But I also make a really really good Bourbon Sour. And I make a great Martini. Safer to drink wine though.

SC: What about when you’re attending a dinner party? How do you pick a bottle to bring as a gift?

MS: I don’t take wine to people’s houses. I let them choose, because you don’t always know what they like. So I always take at least a dozen eggs from my chickens from my hen house.

SC: Are there any taboos that hosts or guests should avoid?

MS: When hosting, people often prepare the food prior and forget to have the drinks ready. I make my best cocktails from fresh juices, which I have all ready in a pitcher, and then decide what spirit to pair it with and serve it in fun glasses. This allows me to entertain and focus my attention on my friends when they arrive.

People also think it’s best to have different types of wine out when entertaining. For the summer season, I love rosé, and typically only serve rosé and white wine; I don’t serve red wine in my house during events because I don’t want people to spill it—unless it’s a seated dinner. You should also be a little creative, thoughtful and adventurous when it comes to the drinks you’re serving.

SC: You recently ate and drank a lot with Snoop Dogg on Potluck Dinner Party. On a segment with Ellen Degeneres, he taught you how to make his specialty Gin & Juice recipe. Did you learn anything else from your co-host?

MS: Definitely. I learned how to cook bacon. I learned a lot from him, like how to put a little bit of Jesus here and there in the food.