27 Coolest Boozy Tattoo Ideas

Choosing the inspiration for your first (or next) tattoo is a big deal, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do yourself a favor and heed these words of advice: Unlike your significant other from sophomore year of college, your favorite local ska band or your pet hamster, cocktails, cocktail culture and alcohol in general will always be there for you. Ready to show your true commitment to cocktailing? Find your ink inspiration in our roundup of the coolest, boozy tattoo designs out there.

1. It’s always #TikiTuesday with this tiny coconut cocktail.

2. Never forget how to make your favorite cocktail with this diagram of an Old Fashioned.

3. This modernist Manhattan is a thing of beauty.

4. Put a frame around your favorite drink with a cocktail vignette like this.

5. Vacation in a glass (literally).

6. The perfect tat for ice sphere enthusiasts.

7. Pop art meets muddling in this ‘80s style ink.

8. A bartender in her element, with the ink to prove it.

9. A tribute to your love for crazy tiki glasses

10. Here’s an ode to your favorite day of the week: Margarita and Taco Night.

11. Make twists, not war.

12. A macabre reminder to live every night out like it’s your last.

13. Your motto: On the rocks, always.

14. When the choice is a Martini or death.

15. A dedication to your two true loves: wine and your cat.

16. Your real BFFs.

17. The perfect motivation to get through the day.

18. For the true believers in terroir (or merroir, in this case).

19. The ubiquitous infinity tattoo goes boozy.

20. Brew-ski. Get it?

21. Heaven in a cocktail shaker.

22. Never forget the right way to shake with this instructional guide to putting together a shaker.

23. Make your favorite cocktail tool an extension of yourself, like this bar spoon...

24. … or this julep strainer.

25. Keep your love of cocktails on the DL with a discrete finger tattoo, like this knife and cocktail glass.

26. This artistic interpretation of glassware will keep people guessing.

27. Never overlook the importance of the garnish.

28. We know his cocktails will always be perfectly measured.

29. Wear your passion for bartending on your chest.

30. If you’re a bartender, here’s a quick way to get a generous tip.

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