Everywhere Around the World Where McDonald’s Serves Beer

InformOverload / youtube
InformOverload / youtube

You can find McDonald’s in almost any country in the world, but you might not find the same comforting tastes of home there. Menus at international locations differ, serving dishes like McSpaghetti in the Philippines, seaweed fries in Japan, and McCurry Pan in India. While few of these dishes are travel worthy, there is one item that always sticks out to Americans on some foreign menus: beer.

Pairing a Big Mac with a beer is a right that Americans should have earned long ago, especially as competitors like Taco Bell and Burger King expand their own boozy offerings. According to the McDonald’s UK website, local menus are based on customer demand, so apparently we just haven’t been demanding beer enough at stateside Mickey D’s. (Get on this, people. Write to your congressperson.) Until McDonald’s realizes this egregious mistake, you’ll just have to travel to one of these countries to get a McBeer.


Since the hamburger’s roots trace back to the Hamburg steak and Germany has a serious beer culture, it only makes sense that German Mekkes would serve beer with their burgers. The first German location opened in Munich serving beer way back in 1971—18 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Pop into a McDo in Paris, where you can pair your Croque McDo (basically a ham and cheese on a bun) with a Kronenbourg 1664. It may not be the fanciest meal you can get on the boulevarde, but everyone needs a palate cleanser after one too many all-afternoon wine sessions.


If you order a beer in Greece, you’ll be presented with a Heineken, the only respectable accompaniment to a Greek Mac (a Big Mac with tzatziki on pita).

South Korea

South Korea joined the ranks of wet McDonald’s in 2016, allowing customers to upgrade the beverage that comes with a gourmet DIY build-your-own burger. The chain does limit customers to one beer per burger, though, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of soju many South Koreans imbibe on a weekly basis.


In the ranks of McDonald’s exclusive dishes around the world, Portugal falls pretty low with special soup. So it’s only fair that they get some consolation Sagres to go along with their cream of carrot.


Not only do they serve standard McBeer at Austrian locations, but the chain even occasionally offers sweeter booze deals. In 2016, for instance, they partnered with Ottakringer Brewery on a promotion for the Euro 2016 cup, sending out free six-packs to customers who ordered delivery. Now that’s a game day feast we can support.

Czech Republic

If you can’t pronounce the Czech McSmažák sandwich, at least you can pronounce “pilsner” and get your mits on a can of Pilsner Urquell, the local fave.


Local cheapo lager Mahou goes great with the tapas-like dishes at Spanish McDonald’s, like the Patatas Deluxe and McIberico. It may not be traditional Spanish drinking, but it’s a hybrid worth trying.


Jupiler is the go-to lager at Belgian McDonald’s, which you can drink alongside a few French specialties like the Croque McDo and the local Belgian specialty, the Belgo burger, made with Maredsous cheese, roasted onions and cocktail sauce.


The Swedish beer of choice at most locations is Pripps Blå Lättöl, but some special locations, like the one at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, serve the slightly stronger Norrlands Guld Ljus.


Drink a piece of old Lithuania with a glass of ice cold Švyturys from the oldest operating brewery in Lithuania, as you chomp down on the global pathogen that is the Big Mac.


Serbian locations used to serve the Macedonian Skopsko, but have since switched to the more worldly Amstel.


The Dutch McDonald’s menu is stacked with greasy pub fare: a deep-fried beef ragout roll, burgers and fries with the curry-mayo like Joppiesaus, and the peanut sauce-covered ChickenSaté. Yeah, you’re going to need a beer with that.


When in Rome, do as the Americans do. Many Italian locations offer beer on the reg, but for a promotion in 2016, Italy even out-America-ed America. The five week event saw the release of five different America-themed burgers with toppings like bacon and Texas Ranch Barbecue. But the pièce de résistance was the Budweiser.


Things get weird at Swiss McDonald’s with quinoa curry burgers and plum tarts, so return to the standard comfort of a McBeer if you get overwhelmed.