5 Gorgeous Bars with Real Life Mermaids

We love a theme bar, especially when the theme is based on our favorite mythical creature of all time: mermaids. And we’re not just talking about some lazy deep sea decor and drinks named Ariel and Flounder. At these five bars across the country, real trained mermaids perform in giant tanks inside the bar for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The next time you’re in one of these cities, pull up to the bar, order a tropical drink and prepare to be amazed by talented mermaid queens.

Wreck Bar, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Located inside the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale—a historic hotel formerly known as the Yankee Clipper—Wreck Bar was once a hangout for famous faces like Sinatra, DiMaggio and Monroe. In fact, it’s the only part of the hotel that was kept intact when the property was renovated, down to the wooden bar that features hundreds of carved names and initials. But the real draw is behind the bar where MeduSirena and the Aquacats put on a mesmerizing mermaid show. Watch through a porthole with a Singapore Sling in hand as the mermaids dance in the hotel’s original 1950s swimming pool. On Fridays and Saturdays, there’s a family-friendly show at 6:30 p.m., and a 21-plus Aqua Burlesque show at 9:30 p.m.

Mermaid Lounge, Las Vegas, NV

Tucked inside the Silverton Casino, the Mermaid Lounge is certainly a unique Vegas drinking experience. The themed bar looks into the hotel’s 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, which is home to 4,000 tropical fish. You can catch mermaids swimming alongside the colorful wildlife while you enjoy a Martini inside the equally colorful lounge—think ceiling pods reminiscent of jellyfish, waterfalls and a gorgeous mermaid statue.

Sip ‘n Dip Tiki Lounge

Sip ‘n Dip Tiki Lounge, Great Falls, MT

If you’re looking to channel the tropics whilst enjoying Montana’s mountains, pack your bags for the O’Haire Motor Inn. Inside you’ll find the Sip ‘n Dip Tiki Lounge, a colorful under-the-sea wonder that features drinks as blue as the leather stools themselves. Behind the bar you can watch mermaids put on a show in the indoor pool on the other side of the wall. The mermaids swim nightly and during Sunday brunch every other week. Don’t miss live piano bar entertainment while you watch the tropical maidens Wednesday through Friday, and enjoy ladies’ night Tiki Tuesday drink specials with the bar’s mermen.

Dive Bar/Facebook

Dive Bar, Sacramento, CA

This watering hole may be called Dive Bar, but it certainly isn’t a grimy neighborhood spot. In fact, the cavernous space is expansive and plush with high backed leather chairs. The main draw, of course, is the massive wraparound aquarium suspended above the bar that illuminates the room and entertains as the occasional mermaid or merman floats by. Dive Bar hosts lots of DJ dance parties, so come ready to boogie when you visit this Sacramento staple.

Denver Aquarium/Facebook

Downtown Aquarium, Denver, CO

Denver’s Downtown Aquarium is so much more than an educational aquatic wonderland. They boast one of the best mermaid shows in the country during a sit-down dinner in their 50,000 gallon centerpiece aquarium. While their talented mermaid squad swims with lots of lovely tropical fish, they also bravely flipper alongside barracudas, sharks, stingrays and eels. You’re going to need a drink to calm your nerves, and luckily they serve plenty of those—both in the dining room and in the upscale Dive Lounge.