11 Signs You Drink Like a Millennial

There is no definitive age range for millennials. Some say you’re a millennial if you were born between 1982 and 2004. Others say the generational label applies to those born in the late ‘70s through the mid ‘90s. If you ask us, millennials are like art: You know them when you see them—especially when you see them drink. Here, 11 signs you drink like a millennial.

You Instagram Every Drink Before Even Taking a Sip

This goes for everything from that glass of Pinot, to that over-the-top, flaming tiki drink, to that tequila shot selfie. Pics or it didn’t happen.

You Look to DJ Khaled’s Snapchat for Drink Recommendations

You end up drinking mostly Champagne and Cîroc, but whatever works for the mogul himself works for you. And that man spends more time in a hot tub or on a yacht than anyone we know. #Goals.

You Drink Wine—Sooooo Much Wine

Vino. Vin. Wein. You. Love. Wine. So. Much. And we’re not talking about any generic jugged wine or your mom’s Chardonnay, we’re talking the cool stuff: natural wines, Hungarian wines, orange wines. When it comes to wine, quality matters. (It’s right up there with quantity.)

You Drink Rosé (Lots of It)

Yes, even if you’re a male millennial, you are proud to partake in a bottle of the pink stuff. It’s crisp. It’s refreshing. It’s affordable. It can be turned into an awesome slushie. And, okay, it really does make for a great Instagram shot.

You Drink Fireball Nostalgically

Remember your college days when you and your buddies would trade shots of Fireball all night? Those were the days. Fireball might be some newfangled flavored booze for much of the population, but for you it’s downright retro.

Your Go-To Mixer Is La Croix

Leave your Cokes, Dr. Peppers and orange juices behind. There’s only one mixer, and it comes in fun-to-say flavors like Muré Pepino, Piña Fraise and, everyone’s favorite, that Pamplemousse.

You’ve Had More Than One Drink Named After a Mythical Creature

Of course you’ve had a Mermaid Daiquiri and a Unicorn Fizz. How can you not order something that sounds (and looks) like it came straight from Lisa Frank’s home bar?

You Own at Least One Item of Clothing That Loudly Announces Your Favorite Drink

“BEER,” says your hat. “Rosé All Day,” proclaims your swimsuit. “Whiskey Made Me Do It,” your T-shirt apologizes. We get it, you drink.

You’ll Drink Pretty Much Any Type of Alcohol If It Comes in a Can

Wine, spiked seltzer, cocktails—you know that cans are good for more than just sodas and beers. Durable and portable, you can take them on all those “experiences” everyone’s always saying you’re so into.

You’ve Eaten Almost as Much Booze as You’ve Drank

You’ve stood in line for boozy ice cream, injected doughnuts with whiskey and frozen your cocktails into beach-ready booze-sicles. When it comes to alcohol, you’re open to all means of consumption.

You’ll Drink a Cocktail Out of a Coupe, But You’d Prefer if It Was in a Lightbulb

Coupes are cute and all, but you’d much rather a cocktail poured into a hollowed out fruit, or a crazy tiki mug, or a soup can. Your followers have seen highballs before, but a ceramic replica of Margaret Thatcher’s head? That’s something they’ll appreciate.