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Next Level Mini Liquor Bottles for Your Next Flight

Drinking properly on a plane takes a bit of prep, but upgrading your in-flight beverage will vastly improve your overall experience. Whether you’re packing a DIY cocktail kit or just hoping for a neat sip that’s a shelf above basic well liquor, here are our favorite 50-ml mini bottles to pack into your carry-on.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel ($6)

Drinking Jack Daniel’s on your red-eye is a good move. Breaking out the mini Single Barrel is next level. Watch as your seatmates bow down in their neck pillows to your awesome BYOB flight flex.

St-Germain ($5)

A dash of elderflower liqueur instantly freshens up any cocktail, but the floral spirit is a lifesaver on a cross-country journey. This mini bottle is like a liquid oasis away from the artificial air of the plane cabin.

The Glenlivet 12 ($4)

You made it swiftly and efficiently through security. You remembered to pack a healthy plane snack so you wouldn’t binge on a family-sized bag of Chex Mix mid-flight. You even pre-ordered an Uber so you can escape the airport on the other side in style. You deserve this sweet sip of Speyside as a reward for all your hard travel work.

The Macallan 12 ($9)

Lately we’ve been digging The Macallan 12’s more complex cousin, the Double Cask, but the mini bottle of the full-bodied flagship delivers classic Highland scotchy scotch scotch wherever we’re headed.

Bulleit ($3)

Ever since it was first sent down river from Louisville, Kentucky, to market in New Orleans, Bulleit bourbon has been on the move, so it only makes sense Bulleit would produce a mini bottle to take with you on the road. You may not be able to rustle up fresh mint on a plane for a Mint Julep, but straight bourbon will suffice for a taste of the South, wherever you’re going. 

Fireball ($1)

If you need a taste of heaven at 39,000 feet, then the Fireball mini is an essential carry-on addition. Plus, if you’re headed to Arizona, you can get yourself a Fireball facial when you land to recover from the life-sapping plane air. 

Tito’s ($3)

When not just any vodka will do, plan ahead by packing the smoothest vodka around from deep in the heart of Texas. Your Vodka Tonic will thank you. 

Bombay Sapphire ($3)

A classic London dry gin may satisfy juniper lovers, but for all those herbal-averse gin-thusiasts out there, Bombay Sapphire has all the sweet, citrusy alternative flavors. It’s perfect in a sweeter G&T. 

Johnnie Walker Black ($4)

You can get yourself a Johnnie Walker special release from the duty free, or you can load your bag with black label minis. Either way, the blended scotch will keep you in good spirits—literally.

Glenfiddich 12 ($5)

The 12-year from Glenfiddich is known to be pretty easy drinking, so the mini bottle is a great choice for those looking to sip in pure relaxation. Crack your first mini, smell Speyside bursting from the tiny lip of the bottle, and you’ll be whisked away to your destination in no time. 

Grey Goose ($5)

Don’t settle for the well minis of swill vodka on the drink cart that need a can and a half of tonic to cover up. Fly like a beautiful goose instead. 

Chambord ($4)

Your seatmates will think you’re crazy fancy when you break out this ornate bottle of French raspberry liqueur, even if you’re riding deep in coach. If there’s pineapple juice on board, you can even whip up a French Martini

Baker’s Bourbon ($4)

The premium, small-batch offshoot of Knob Creek also comes in minis. Just get a cup of ice from your server, and you’re all set from here to Kentucky.

Crystal Head ($10)

When shrunk down to mini size, Crystal Head’s distinctive packaging makes you feel like a giant sipping from the skull of a tiny humanoid. Bow before your master, puny vodka-filled mortals.

Patrón XO Café Incendio ($3)

We love sweating our way through a full bottle of this spicy chile-chocolate liqueur, so it’s an obvious choice for adding a bit of kick to an in-flight beverage. Use it to prep your palate on the way down to Mexico City.