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Unspoken Rules of Drinking on a Monday

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Mondays are universally agreed to be the worst day of the week. No one is arguing otherwise, but a drink can improve a Monday as it can most situations—as long as you drink right. There’s no better way to solve a case of the Mondays than with a Manhattan, Mojito or other M-word cocktail, but at the same time the only thing worse than a Monday is a hungover Tuesday morning. Follow these unspoken rules to drinking on a Monday and we guarantee your weeknight won’t feel so unfortunate.

Don’t Go Too Hard

By the end of the work day, with your brain leaking out your ears, you might have forgotten which day of the week it even is, so this bears repeating: It’s Monday, dude. You should probably take it easy and stick to low-ABV cocktails.

Take It out of the Office

On Friday, it’s perfectly acceptable to start happy hour at the office with a low-key desk drink before moving off-premise to a more festive venue. But on Monday, your office is not the place to pregame. The vast majority of your coworkers are just trying to get through the end of the work day and catch up on any business that came in over the weekend, so don’t go distracting them with your early-week shenanigans.

Set a Time Limit

Monday drinking calls for a different sort of shot clock. You can drink as late as you want on a Friday or Saturday since there’s no 6 a.m. alarm to disrupt your recovery the next morning. But on Monday you need to set yourself a bedtime—whatever is reasonable for your particular work schedule, but try to get seven to eight hours of shuteye between your last drink and your first meeting.

Take Advantage of Monday Specials

Mondays aren’t just hard for you; they’re hard on bars as well. Bars make the majority of their sales on the weekend with a little help from Thursday, so managers are constantly looking for ways to bring in more customers on the dead nights of the week, including by offering willing Monday drinkers some serious drink specials. While any happy hour will give you more bang for your buck, keep an eye out for happy hours specifically targeted at Mondays, as the deals can be even better than on other weeknights.

Try a New Spot

Bars all over town will be relatively empty, so use it as an opportunity to try a new spot that’s normally crowded. Even the hottest new openings in town will likely have seats available on Monday and the bars at those hot spots can have some of the best seats in the house.

Pair Drinking with an Activity

After a long first day back at work after the weekend, Monday drinking sessions can quickly turn marose, so inject some energy and entertainment into your after-work drinks. Monday night football, karaoke, a weekly scheduled hang with your best gal pal—all of these activities would make Monday more enjoyable, but especially so if you’re drinking. Plus, they tend to establish a clear schedule, so you don’t end up drinking into the early morning hours.

Don’t Complain About Work

We get it: You’re out drinking because Monday at the office got the best of you. A little 6 p.m. R&R is absolutely justified. But if you take your colleagues out for a happy hour drink (or worse, if you drag a friend or significant other out to drink with you), do not spend the entire time rehashing the tragedy of your day. Your coworkers experienced it and would rather not relive it, while your non-work friends are blameless bystanders. Talk shop for a few minutes if you must get something off your mind, but otherwise stick to weather and sports.