NASA Will Send Your Name To Mars. Here's How To Sign Up.

Published On 08/21/2015 Published On 08/21/2015

In March 2016, NASA will launch the InSight Mission to Mars. Along with all of the geophysical equipment needed for the mission, the lander that reaches the Red Planet will have something else in its payload: a microchip filled with the names of eager space enthusiasts.

Want your name to be one of them? It's easy—just sign up on NASA's InSight page. You'll need to give your full name and email to sign up for their "Frequent Flyer" list so that you can earn points and be included on future launches. You'll get a printable personalized boarding pass so you can proudly prove to everyone who asks that yes, you do have a flight booked to Mars.
The InSight will land on Mars on September 28th, 2016. To go along (in name, only) sign up by September 8th 2015.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Join him on the trip to Mars. 

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