Japanese Cameras Spot (And Save) Intoxicated Commuters

Published On 08/19/2015 Published On 08/19/2015
Wikimedia Commons/ThorstenS

In an attempt to curb railway safety issues caused by inebriated individuals on train platforms, the West Japan Railway recently installed security cameras that can detect erratic behavior like staggering, remaining on the platform for long periods, and sleeping on benches. If you find yourself in Japan riding that line late on a weekend night, don't worry—someone (...or something) is looking out for you.

Railway Gazette

Focusing on the Osaka Loop Line platforms of the Koybashi station in Osaka, the effort has been launched with 46 of the specialized cameras, which relay pertinent information to operators who can then alert conductors and platform security of any potential safety hazard.

Until this type of tech hits the US: if you end up on a train platform on a late weekend night, please keep an eye out for your neighbor. Not everyone is responsible—but if someone else is, we can help keep everyone safe.

h/t Railway Gazette

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's seen firsthand some safety efforts on the MTA.

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