How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Shots?

Michael Dlle / EyeEm

Because booze bottles don’t come with nutrition facts it’s easy to avoid thinking about the calorie count. But a Long Island Iced Tea has more calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger. And it’s not just cocktails that pack in the calories, it’s shots too. Just because they’re small and thrown back in a matter of seconds doesn’t mean they don’t count. A few rounds can start to add up in a hurry.

Here are the number of calories in the most popular shots:

Vodka Shots

Straight Vodka - 96 calories

Kamikaze (vodka, triple sec, lime juice) - 99 calories

Oyster Shooter (vodka, lemon juice, Old Bay, hot sauce, oyster) - 115 calories

Screaming Orgasm (vodka, amaretto, coffee liqueur, Irish cream) - 83 calories

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shot (cake vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine) - 100 calories

Key Lime Pie Shot (whipped cream vodka, Rumchata, key lime juice) - 115 calories

Jello Shot (powdered Jell-O, vodka, water) - 59 calories

Tequila Shots

Straight Tequila - 96 calories

Sangrita (tequila, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, spices) - 160 calories

Whiskey Shots

Straight Whiskey - 96 calories

Irish Breakfast Shot (Irish whiskey, butterscotch schnapps, orange juice, bacon) - 259 calories

Prairie Fire (moonshine, hot sauce) - 69 calories

Four Horseman (Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, Jameson) - 207 calories

Apple Pie (Fireball, butterscotch schnapps, apple cider, lemon juice, cinnamon sugar) - 105 calories

Straight Fireball - 108 calories

Liqueur Shots

Slippery Nipple (sambuca, Irish cream) - 99 calories

B-52 (Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier) - 132 calories

Cement Mixer (Irish cream, lime juice) - 106 calories

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