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Deck Your Bar in Greenery, Pantone's Color of the Year

“Greenery is nature’s neutral.” That’s how Pantone describes their 2017 color of the year, a yellow-green shade that’s symbolic of lush vitality and new beginnings. Every year for more than five decades, Pantone has chosen a hue that’s symbolic of the current global culture and mood. And with the political and social climate being as tumultuous as it is today, Greenery is meant to help us rejuvenate, reconnect with nature and remember that we’re part of a bigger picture. It’s also meant to look great and hint at what’s “in” this year.

Here at Supercall, we believe in the importance of a tidy, organized, stylish bar. But every home bar, no matter how well-kept, requires a facelift every now and again, and Greenery is exactly what we need to breathe new life into old digs. So we enlisted the help of Celine Bossart, the Editorial Producer at Milk, to give us some expert tips on how to stylishly outfit our home bars in Pantone’s color of the year.

Bespoke Barware Day of the Dead Cocktail Mug

It’s no secret that we love the tiki revival here at Supercall, and Bossart couldn’t agree more. "As far as I'm concerned, a home bar isn't complete without some element of tiki,” she says. “This Day of the Dead tiki mug in a Greenery-inspired hue is pretty essential whether you care about what Pantone has to say or not." It’s handcrafted by Bespoke Barware’s expert ceramics team, so each one is unique.

Day of the Dead Cocktail Mug, $21.14

Palais des Thés Matcha Imperial

We’ve fallen head first into the matcha cocktail craze, and think everyone should add this trending Japanese tea to their home bar. "If you think about it, Greenery is pretty close to matcha's hue,” Bossart says. “And because the green tea varietal is popping up on bar menus everywhere, it's worth investing in some good powder for experimentation." The folks at Palais des Thés travel the globe and visit the best tea estates to hand-pick their products, so you know you’re getting the utmost quality when you buy from them.

Matcha Imperial, $43

A di Alessi Parrot Sommelier-Style Corkscrew

"You might as well have a quality wine key on hand, and it might as well be in Greenery," Bossart says. We’ve been obsessing over wine cocktails, mixing up everything from the classic New York Sour to a sumptuous Red Wine-Spiked Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. This is how to pop those bottles in style.

Parrot Sommelier-Style Corkscrew, $45.42

HelloPosh Green Agate Coasters

We’d spring for this gorgeous handmade set even if Greenery wasn’t color of the year, because every bar deserves coasters this elegant. Not to mention, accidents happen to even the most put-together people. "Any surface in or around your home bar should be protected from incidental spills and unruly house guests—you never know what can happen to your signed copy of The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, you know?,” Bossart says.

Green Agate Coasters, $65 for a set of 4

Lékué Green Lemon Squeezers

Not only do these citrus squeezers prevent the acidic juice from burning your hands, they help keep the fruit fresh when stored in the fridge. “I typically use a metal citrus press, but these are great for, well, being green," Bossart says. We couldn’t agree more.

Green Lemon Squeezers, $9.99 for a set of 2