Confused Americans Keep Naming Their Kids After Darth Vader

Published On 08/26/2015 Published On 08/26/2015

As any 26-year-old named Ariel or toddler named Khaleesi will tell you: sometimes, new parents go a little overboard in their adoration of fictional characters. Namely, in the naming department. But being christened after a Disney princess isn't that bad, in the grand scheme of things—you could be named after a bloodthirsty super-villian, with a wrap-sheet including the murder of a dozen children and torturing/mutilating his own flesh and blood (on separate occasions) on his way to interstellar tyranny. 

Such is the the unfortunate case for a whopping 218 babies in 2014, all named after one of the most famous cinema villains in history. The force was so strong (or lacking?) with 436 questionable parents, that they decided to grace their newborns with the less-than-noble moniker "Anakin," aka Darth Vader's real name in the Star Wars saga. That 2014 figure officially put Anakin into the top 1,000 most common newborn names in the country, setting this gaggle of Sith-inspired babies up for a lifetime of pod-racing jokes, and the inevitable burden of hefty therapy bills. 


Look, I understand that Star Wars fandom goes a galaxy far, far, beyond normal enthusiasts, and I'm well aware that during his six-movie character arc, Anakin/Vader eventually finds redemption and returns to being the hero he was once destined to be, but naming your son (yea, hopefully all these kids are boys) after one of the most noted villains of all time cannot be good for self-esteem/career prospects. 

If you truly love George Lucas' epic space opera, there are plenty of unique names that would be better options than the most evil dude in the Universe: Han, Luke, Lando, Boba Fett, Samuel L. Jackson, Chewbacca, etc.-- the list goes on. 

For the sake of full transparency, I plan on naming my future daughter "Death Star." Which may be considered just as menacing as Anakin, but it's way more badass, so I think I can make an exception. 

h/t Entertainment Weekly

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