The World’s 15 Most Beautiful Abandoned Subway Stations

It's dizzying to imagine the insane engineering that goes into constructing a complex network of subway tunnels underneath a thriving city. I mean, look at this. It's even crazier to think of what happens down there when a station gets shut down for good.

Thankfully, a handful of photographers around the world have braved the mole people, rats, and whatever else goes down underground to capture the abandoned spaces in all their dank, frighteningly beautiful glory.

1. The Cincinnati Subway

Cincinnati, Ohio

2. Unused Kiev Metro Tunnel

Kiev, Ukraine

3. City Hall Loop

New York, New York

4. Chamberi Station

Madrid, Spain

5. Old Los Angeles Subway System

Los Angeles, California

6. Lower Queen Station

Toronto, Canada

7. Saint-Martin Metro Station

Paris, France

8. Waldorf Astoria Train Platform

New York, New York

9. Aldwych Tube Station

London, England

10. South 4th Street Station

Brooklyn, New York

11. Czestochowa Abandoned Train Depot

Czestochowa, Poland

12. Abandoned 42nd Street Station

New York, New York

13. Spring Garden Station

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

14. Broad Street Bridge

Rochester, New York

15. Botanic Gardens Station

Glasgow, Scotland