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Why Pisces People Make the Best Drinking Buddies

Mark Yocca / Supercall

You can count on the loving Pisces to be there for you in times of need, especially if those times call for a big, strong cocktail. The fish sign is always ready to listen and refill your drink, and they love to host a good party—as long as it doesn’t last too late into the night. Here are five reasons why Pisces make the best drinking buddies.

They Throw the Best Parties

While getting Pisces out of the house can oftentimes be a challenge, their homebody tendencies mean they throw a killer party. Instead of dealing with rowdy crowds and jam-packed bars, Pisces would much rather host their friends for a boisterous celebration with plenty of drinks and delicious snacks. And because they’d rather stay in than go out on the town, they have lots of party planning experience and are always willing to help friends with their own bashes, too. Make sure to always treat a party-throwing Pisces friend with a quality bottle upon arrival—chances are, they’ll serve it at their next awesome bash, and you’ll be invited back.

They Make the Tastiest Drinks

Pisces folk aren’t too concerned about being the best mixologists out there, but they do appreciate a top-notch cocktail and know how to make a few good drinks really well. Most Pisces have the usuals that they turn to when hosting friends or mixing themselves a nightcap, whether that’s a perfectly-made French 75 or healthy pour of a good bourbon. Pisces also love to indulge and believe comfort drinks can heal all. If you join a Pisces on a snow day or for a movie night at their house, expect them to whip up a warming, decadent drink to cure what ails you.

They’ll Day Drink with You

Many people make up excuses for why they won’t day drink with you: It makes them feel tired, they have dinner plans with so-and-so’s parents, there’s this yoga class at 5 p.m. they want to check out. Pisces doesn’t give a damn about what’s going on later in the day because they’d much rather be out in the early hours than among the rowdy drunken revelers late at night. A Pisces will sip Mai Tais poolside with you or join a group of buds for a bottomless Mimosa brunch on a Saturday afternoon. Pisces is down to bring a punch to a picnic or crack a couple beers on the beach. They have your back during daytime imbibing—so long as they’re home by 6 p.m.

They’re Always Ready to Help with a Shoulder and a Bottle

Pisces are great listeners, so they’ll be the first to show up at your door with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues if you’re feeling low. They’ll be your therapist for the night, even if that simply means keeping your glass full and spirits high. The selfless Pisces will put aside their own problems to help a friend in need, so you can always count on them to answer your texts and calls. They’ll even check up on you and will likely join you for a hangover brunch if you’re feeling the effects of the night before.

They Can Keep Up

Though Pisces can be quiet and reserved, they also have a competitive edge that comes out when necessary. This means they’re great drinking game companions and partners because they keep things exciting and don’t take a loss lightly. If you’re in it for the long haul, then Pisces will be right by your side. They will take down shots, order another cocktail or pour another beer if that’s what you’re doing. Just make sure to catch them in the right mood because when they’re ready to go home, they’re gone.