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The Only Beach Game You Should Be Playing This Summer

Let’s face it, KanJam is getting a little old. Throwing frisbees at a trash can with a cold beer in hand was fun, but now it’s time to step up your summer beach drinking game. Two words: Pol(e)ish Horseshoes. Here’s how you play.


  • Two 5-foot-tall sticks (ski poles work great)
  • Two empty bottles
  • One frisbee
  • Beers for drinking (optional, but highly recommended)

This equipment is pretty easy to cobble together, but if you’re too lazy, there are Polish Horseshoe kits you can purchase.

Set Up:

Jam the poles into the dirt or sand, about 25 feet apart (closer if you want a quicker game, farther if you want a challenge), then balance an empty bottle on top of each pole.


Two teams of two stand behind their respective poles and take turns throwing the frisbee in an attempt to knock the other team’s bottle off the pole. The defending team attempts to catch both the frisbee and the bottle. Illegal moves include catching the frisbee before it passes the pole, known as an “early grab,” using more than one hand to catch the frisbee (you should be holding a beer the entire time you’re playing) and saving the bottle before the frisbee has had the opportunity to knock it off. Teams alternate between players, taking turns throwing the frisbee, but team saves are good. Play continues until one team reaches the agreed upon goal—we suggest playing until 21. A team must win by two points, though, to truly be deemed the champions.


Only the attacking (throwing) team can score at any given time. The defending (catching) team can only limit how many points the other team scores. Here’s how the point system works:

  • If you throw the frisbee and the other team fails to catch it, your team earns one point.
  • If you throw the frisbee and knock the bottle to the ground but the frisbee is caught, your team earns two points.
  • If you throw the frisbee and both the frisbee and the bottle hit the ground, your team earns three points.
  • If you throw the frisbee and both the frisbee and the bottle are caught by the opposing team, no points are awarded.
  • If you throw the frisbee and it’s deemed “uncatchable,” no points are awarded. An “uncatchable” toss falls short of the pole, flies too low (below your knees by the time it reaches the pole) or is above your head.

Still confused? Here’s a very comprehensive, albeit cheesy, guide for all of the visual learners out there...