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8 Liquor Brands You Should Follow On Twitter ASAP

In the social media world you can win prizes, interact one-on-one with brands and even get roasted by your favorite companies. That means it’s more important than ever to follow the right brands on Twitter. This is especially true for liquor brands, which—as you can probably imagine—are a lot more fun than your average retail company or chain restaurant when it comes to tweeting customer relations. But there are so many out there, it’s sometimes hard to know which ones to follow. To help you boozify your Twitter account in the best way possible, here are the eight liquor brands you need to follow ASAP.

The Life of the Party: Fireball

Not only is the brand constantly tweeting clues that they are harboring a real live dragon, but Fireball’s Twitter account also proves that it’s truly a spirit of the people. From tweeting out happy hour specials at local bars to retweeting fans, the cinnamon whisky will make you feel like every day is a Friday.

The Swanky Classic: Campari

A classic amaro brand known for its role in one the swankiest cocktails out there, Campari puts time, resources and creative power into making its followers’ mouths water with every ruby red shot. The brand regularly posts cool, historical throwbacks and subtle yet funny advertisements to keep followers entertained. It’s clear the Italian aperitif knows how awesome it is—but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

The Goofball: Captain Morgan

While other brands are trying to showcase their product in as many different ways as humanly possible, Captain Morgan is just hanging out, tweeting pics of The Captain doing silly things and having ridiculous phone conversations with the Morgan Mule. But honestly, seeing this poor actor thrust into cheesy situations as The Captain will always be a welcome break from apocalyptic CNN alerts.

The Futuristic Vodka: Absolut

Somehow, the folks at Absolut got their hands on a 3D printer—and they aren't afraid to use it. From creating a Moscow Mule mug with four straws to printing a glass that’s part juicer, part drinking vessel, Absolut’s Twitter account is a window into what the future of bartending and drinking might look like. Couple that with some delicious-looking Absolut cocktails and the vodka brand proves itself worthy of your follow.

The Master of Surprises: Aperol

Aperol’s Twitter account is as fun, colorful and bubbly as the spritz for which it’s known. But our favorite part is how generous the brand is with its loyal followers, regularly hosting giveaways, including a contest to win a trip for two to Venice and the opportunity to party at one of their many worldwide events (like this one at RBG Manchester). Consider this: One click of the follow button, and you could be planning your own trip to Europe.

The Speed Machine: Patrón

The popular tequila company has a lot more than just pictures of Margaritas to offer on its Twitter account. Patrón sponsors a series of racecars, from NHRA dragsters to an endurance racer competing in the Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen. The brand gives all the updates on these speed machines via Twitter. But don’t worry: Plenty of delicious tequila cocktails will grace your feed too.

The Up and Comer: Lo-Fi

The hip aperitif company Lo-Fi is a welcome breather from the full-throttle self-promotion some liquor brands are known for on Twitter. Hailing from Napa, CA, Lo-Fi proves itself not just a cool new brand on the rise, but a reliable company capable of boosting your classic cocktails with its line of amaro and vermouth. Lo-Fi is worth your follow if you want to hop along for this amazing brand’s sure rise to the top.

The Kühl Kid: Jägermeister

When it comes to both image and flavor, there is no other brand out there quite like Jägermeister. The German digestif has been nothing but itself since it first came to the states, and its Twitter proves it. From frosty shot glasses made of ice to cool Euro dance parties to Jägermeister hot dogs, the brand is happy doing its thing. Throw Jäger a follow and it will help you live your best life too.