This Vintage Tank-Mobile Is A Library On Wheels

I belong to the school of thought that firmly believes kids would read more books if they were delivered inside of tanks. Turns out, I'm not the only one. 

7UP (as in, the soda company) teamed up with Buenos Aires artist and occasional tank-driver, Raul Lemesoff, to create this mobile "tank" that's filled to the brim with books and currently roaming the streets of Argentina. Meet the "weapon of mass instruction," and hold onto your bookmarks, Private. 

About 900 books fit outside this refurbished, 1979 Ford Falcon—all free to anyone who wants to reach up and snag one. 

The tank features a makeshift gun-barrel and rotating upper chamber, completing the militant look of the folio-stacked mobile library. 

However, it (unfortunately) doesn't fire any books through its cannon. The artist's goal is to propel peace by means of education. Which is just as cool. I guess...

Check out this video for the full scoop, and keep your eyes peeled if you are ever in Argentina, looking for some cheap reads.