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Why You Should Celebrate New Year’s Eve at a Bar

Mark Yocca/Supercall

You need three things for a successful New Year’s Eve: plenty of booze, plenty of happy people to toast with at midnight, and a clock. Assuming your bar has some way of telling time, it’s the perfect place to drink away the old year and dive tipsily into the new one. Haters like to cry wolf at the horrors of bars on the most celebratory night of the year, but despite any drawbacks, some of us still cherish the belief that a bar is the best place to be on New Year’s Eve.

You Won’t Run Out of Booze

There are no words to describe the feeling of looking at an empty bar at 11:55 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Not only is the rum gone, but so is the Champagne, and the wine, and anything else that you could possibly toast at midnight. Your party has ransacked every bottle except a half empty peach schnapps, olive brine and a last swig of Fireball. At this point you’re left with a choice between attempting to best your 40-yard dash time to the corner liquor store to make it back in time for a midnight drink, or you could ring in the new year with the most disgusting cocktail ever made. You know who has plenty of booze right at that moment, though? Any bar.

There’s No Need to Prep Decorations

Your halls are still decked from that holiday party you threw a week ago, so if you’re planning to host anyone for round two on December 31, you’ll need to clear away all that tinsel and replace it with New Year’s appropriate decorations—or you could just invite those same friends to a bar where someone was actually paid to put up all those same decorations.

It’s a Heck of a Lot Warmer Than Times Square

The only thing that should be well chilled on New Year’s Eve is your Champagne. If you’ve been standing in the bitter cold of Times Square all night, devoting all of your body heat to keeping your bursting bladder from freezing while you wait for the ball to drop, you may feel like screaming, but probably not like partying. Basking in the warmth of goodwill generated by a bar full of people, on the other hand, will have you feeling extra toasty.

It’s an Excuse to Dress up

Sweatpants and fuzzy slippers are no way to ring in the new year. New Year’s Eve is an excuse to throw on your party best, no matter if you’re heading to a swanky upscale bar or your local hang. Don’t let that suit or little black dress hang in your closet untouched for yet another year.

There’s Actually a Crowd to Scream “Happy New Year!” With

As the clock strikes midnight and the TV thrums tauntingly with the sounds of people actually having fun out in the night, you and your roomate exchange a glance, each asking silently, “How did I end up wasting another New Year’s here?” Even if you do muster the energy to cry out to the deafening silence, your cat will probably just look at you disappointingly. “Happy New Year!” just doesn’t sound the same without a couple hundred new friends gathered around to cheer with you.

There’s No Way You’ll Miss Midnight

We can speak from firsthand experience that it’s awfully depressing to switch back from Christmas movie reruns only to catch a live feed of Times Square at 12:04. With nobody paying attention to the clock, it’s easy for an apartment full of distracted partiers to completely miss the actual new year. At a bar, with an entire crowd counting down, you never have to worry about missing the big moment.

You Can Start the New Year Making New Friends

There’s no better way to quickly shake up your life than by meeting new people. We’re not saying your old friends are bad, but at a bar, you can find a new workout buddy to help you keep to that exercise resolution, a new pal to help you learn that foreign language, a new special someone or someones to help you drink your way through a boozy New Year’s resolution. New Year, new you, new crew.