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5 Times Rick from Rick and Morty Was Our Boozy Spirit Animal

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Every since the very beginning of Rick and Morty, when Rick drunkenly stumbled into his grandson’s room to take him on a midnight bombing of all humanity, the mad scientist has never been far from booze. (In fact, even the actor who voices Rick has been known to go "method" with a few tequila shots.) Always armed with his trusty flask, Rick sucks down plenty of generic cartoon alcohol, all the while spitting out some fantastic pearls of boozy genius. Here, Rick’s five best lines on drinking from the show (so far).

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On Partying

Summer: This is my chance to gain some footing with the cool kids.
Rick: That’s why you party? Boy, you really are 17.
Summer: Why do you party?
Rick: To get riggity riggity wrecked, son!

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On Toxicity

Morty: Oh my god. It’s one of those face-huggers from the Alien movies. [Facehugger dies after attacking Rick.] Holy crap, I think it’s dead.
Rick: Oh my god, Morty. It died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol swirling about in my system.
Morty: Wow, Rick. They say don’t do drugs, but, I think this might be a case for ‘em.
Rick: And alcohol, Morty.
Morty: Yeah, and alcohol.
Rick: Someone get a memo to all those characters in the Alien movies, stat.

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On Ordering Drinks

Rick: Excuse me, bartender. Can you make me a Dumb Grandson Peptalk. It’s one part lame advice about stuff you know nothing about and a loooot of vodka.
Bartender: Mhm. I have a lot of vodka.
Rick: Then I’ll take one of those. I don’t need the rest.
Morty: Whatever, Rick.

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On Nonsense Cocktail Menus

Waitress: What can I get you? We’ve got Skarlog Poppies, Flurlow, Halzingers, Bloogies, Juicy Time Babies.
Rick: Yeah, yeah. How about some Scotch whisky? You got any of that around here? Or just a bunch of nonsense words?

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On Cocktail, the Movie

Rick: It took my whole life to realize it but I love grilling. Watch me, baby. I’m like Tom Cruise from Cuisine or whatever that movie’s called where he makes drinks.