11 Times Rihanna Took Her Wine to Go

Rihanna has life figured out: She drinks what she wants, where she wants and when she wants. She sings about it in songs like “Cheers (Drink to That)” and “Pour It Up,” even attending awards shows with a show-stopping diamond flask in hand. To put it bluntly, she is our drinking hero. But none of the Grammy award-winning singer’s drinking antics inspire us more than when she takes her wine to go. That’s right: RiRi has a habit of leaving restaurants with a wine glass in tow. Though she makes it look simple, we suspect it wouldn’t go as smoothly if we tried following in her footsteps. Here are 11 times she made wine glass takeout look easy. (Shout out to Twitter user @joshuedwrds for his dedication to collecting photographic evidence of Rihanna's vinous exploits.)

How about some shiny golden Riesling to match all that bling?

We’ll take one nightcap to go…

No one will notice the wine glass when you look this fly.

Who knew white wine could be metal?

We hear red wine has warming properties.

Purse, check. Phone, check. Wine, check.

When in England, do as the Queen does.

Just smile and wave…

Would you try taking that glass from her?

Quick—to the Ri-Mobile!

She’s as carefree as a glass of rosé.

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