RISK: Game of Thrones Edition Lets You Ride Dragons And Conquer The Realm

Remember those marathon nights spent conquering the world and vanquishing all your friends and family playing RISK? The folks at USAopoly (Hasbro) and HBO figured it was time to give you a reason to thirst for global domination all over again and announced a game that can make world wars afresh. That's right: it's RISK: Game of Thrones Edition. It just makes too much sense.

They really pulled out all the stops too, with two custom maps of Westeros and Essos (the two realms in the show for all you non-A Song of Ice and Fire nerds) and over 650 game pieces, so you'll really feel like you're part of an epic. Hopefully finishing a game won't take as long as it takes George R. R. Martin to write one of the books, or else we'll only ever get to play once. 

The game drops in August for $75. Check out the details here.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. RIP Jon Snow...?

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