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Meet “Road It Up,” The World’s Only #Vanlife Cocktail Account

Published On 02/26/2018 Published On 02/26/2018

You know what the real challenge of living in a bus when you are an amateur mixologist? It’s not that the bus is slowly being swallowed by booze and other ingredients, tools and glasses or that you never have enough ice... No, the very real problem is that every 6 months we have to cross the border (Canadians can only spend 6 months/year in the States) and that only 2 liters of alcohol are allowed. Can you imagine? Last year, I kept about 10 bottles (I gave away at least as many) and declared them all and paid the taxes. It's not only expensive, but it's also a hassle… they have to come into the bus, check everything, etc. So this year, I'm planning on using most of it before we cross back in early May. That means not buying anything until then and be pretty creative as the months go by as the stocks dwindle. It’ll be quite interesting!

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