7 Signs You're Way Too Obsessed With Rosé

Mark Yocca / Supercall

We have no beef with rosé. In fact, we love it. The pink wine ranges from light and crisp Provençal bottlings, to richly berried offerings from South Africa, to easy-going sippers from California, and it’s delicious all year round. But some of its fans have taken their love for it a bit too far. Here, seven signs you’re officially way too obsessed with rosé. If any of these warning signs apply to you, then it may be time to change it up a bit and grab a glass of Sauv Blanc.

You Own Clothing That Advertises Your Love of Rosé

If you have even a single sock with #RoséAllDay printed on the toes, you own too much rosé gear. Rosé is a drink—a great drink—but it’s not your alma mater. It’s not a sports team. It’s not even a cute internet cat. Drink it, love it, but don’t wear it.

You Call Red Wine “Dark Rosé” and White Wine “Albino Rosé”

Rosé has certainly earned more respect over the past few years, carving out its own section on the wine list. But it has not eclipsed its red and white brethren. Here’s your new mantra: All rosé is wine, but not all wine is rosé.

You Don’t Have a Wine Fridge, You Have a Rosé Fridge

It’s glorious, to be sure; that wall of pink on pink on pink is truly spectacular. But one or two bottles of Pinot couldn’t hurt.

The Only Blended Drink You’ll Sip Is Frosé

Frozen Margaritas don’t do anything for you. And Piña Coladas aren’t even a blip on your radar. But the day Frosé hit the bars was the day you finally gave up your glass of wine for a goblet of slush. And that’s where your sense of adventure begins and ends.

You Have Walked out of Bars Because They Don’t Have Rosé by the Glass

No rosé by the glass? Then no you at the bar. What are you going to do, drink something different? Nope, you’ll just walk out and find a new place to drink—though you have been known to just order a full bottle of rosé for yourself.

You Can’t Think of a Time When Rosé Isn’t the Perfect Drink

Dinner? Rosé. Lunch? Rosé. Brunch? Rosé. Beach? Hiking? Cozy night in? Celebrating an anniversary? Mourning a death? Toasting the apocalypse as the world burns around you? Just thirsty? Rosé, all the way. For you, rosé is always the best option, no matter the occasion, temperature or time.

Your Phone Autocorrects “Rose” to “Rosé”

Even Siri is aware of your obsession. You’ve changed “rose” to “rosé” so many times that your (rose gold) iPhone has given up and now acquiesces to your will. Congratulations. Your love of rosé has proven that technology can learn. We’ll have you to thank when the robots take over.