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Why a Sagittarius Is Your Best Drinking Buddy

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Here’s a fun fact: A friend joining you in your drinking endeavors always makes drinking more enjoyable. This is particularly true if that person was born between November 22 and December 21. Many of the things that make Sagittarians (including this writer) unique are also the traits that make them excellent bar buddies.

They’ll Try Anything

Sagittarians are known for being one of the most adventurous signs. If there’s a cocktail served with a human toe or vodka made with a scorpion, they’ll be the first ones to order it. And if that’s not exactly your thing, at least you can live vicariously through them.

They’ll Find the Best of the Best

Sagittarians are curious people and they love to learn. If there is a right way to make an Old Fashioned (there is), they’ll figure it out. If there is a fascinating story behind that single malt you’re drinking, they’ll know it by the end of the night.

They’ll Close the Place Down

Because they don’t like the idea that someone could be having a good time without them, Sagittarians will stick around till closing time and bring you along for the ride.

They Always Bring the Party

Sagittarians are an energetic, curious bunch who tend to bring positive energy and a good sense of humor wherever they go. So even if you decide to stay in and stir up a Manhattan or two, get a Sagittarian to stop by—you won’t need any of the trappings of a bar.  

They Don’t Care If It’s a Tuesday

Sagittarians value their freedom, and that means they don’t need “the man” and his ideas of what’s “appropriate” telling them it’s a bad idea to have a couple" Long Island Iced Teas "in the middle of the week.

They’ll Pick Up the Check

Sagittarians are big-hearted people, inclined to do favors without expecting much in return. That means if you open your wallet and discover you’re a couple 20s short, they’ll be there to cover you.

They Won’t Put Up With Anyone’s Drunken Bullshit

Sagittarians have a reputation for being, well, blunt. If someone has one too many and starts soliloquizing or spontaneously singing Journey, a Sagittarius will call them out and put a stop to it quick.