The Sexiest Drinks for Men to Order, According to Women (and Men)

We’re firm believers that you should order whatever drink makes you happy—be that an Old Fashioned or a Fuzzy Navel or, heck, Midori on the rocks. But your beverage choices do leave an impression on others, for better or worse. If you’re a single guy looking to find a special lady or man, you need to order a drink that sends the right signals. So we asked women and men of all ages, “What is the most alluring drink for a man to order on a date?” Gentlemen, take note.

Whiskey, Neat or on the Rocks

A quality liquor, like a nice whiskey, with a king cube.” - Jason H.

“Real men drink whiskey and not weird IPAs.” - Kacie F.

“Whiskey, straight up. It’s manly and shows you’re not high maintenance.” - Harriet C.

“Straight whiskey is sexy, but only if you’re not going to then make 57 comments about how you’re drinking straight alcohol.” - Marshall S.

Classic Cocktails

“A Vieux Carre. It shows he enjoys whiskey but knows a more obscure classic.” - Amanda M.

“A classic tequila cocktail—besides a Margarita—that shows you know what you’re talking about when it comes to tequila.” - Allison K.

“A Dark and Stormy because I’m hoping it matches his brooding personality.” - Marie K.

“I prefer when guys order something casual like a Gin & Tonic. It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously but also like to have fun, whether we’re at a chill night at a bar or going out dancing.” - Michael T

“I think if you’re in a lounge, sit-down setting, it's sexy when a man orders a Martini.” - Taylor N.

“If we’re out partying, it’s always fun when a guy orders tequila.” - Austin S.

“An Old Fashioned with a specific bourbon choice. It's a drink that requires a little confidence to order and allows me to project my Jon Hamm as Don Draper fantasies on the man in question.” - Kiera B.


“I like a solid canned beer. Low maintenance. Not trying to impress. Not going to get too drunk too fast. Nice and casual.” - Zoe B.

“When you order a simple but nice beer, it shows that you're down to earth and probably enjoy sports, which is great for me.” - Bianca C.

“Beer, especially if it’s a good one, because that means he’s not there to get drunk and actually wants to get to know me.” - Tammy M.

“I like a guy who orders a beer, but not a pretentious beer. Definitely not into someone who is a beer snob.” - Megan G.

“A craft beer or cider because it shows that he’s interested in taste but isn’t trying to overcompensate with whiskey to prove his manhood.” - Ally M.

Anything (as Long as There’s No Straw)

“If it comes with a straw, it's not manly.” - Melena G.

“If the bartender puts a straw in it, he better take it out.” - Casey L.

Whatever His Date’s Having

"Anything I order because I like knowing that he trusts my judgement." - Sam R.

“I usually out-order the boys by drinking neat bourbon as they sip their watery beers. That said, if a man can keep up with me by ordering something equally as strong, that's pretty sexy.” - Amanda G.

Anything Ordered with Confidence

“I think it’s great when a guy orders something ‘girly’ and isn’t ashamed of it.” - Matthew K.

“To me, it's more about the guy knowing how to order a classic cocktail. If a dude waltzes up to the bar, orders an Old Fashioned with Bulleit Rye, no questions asked, then that's the whole ballgame right there." - Jolie G.