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The Sexiest Drinks to Order, No Matter Who or Where You Are

Drink orders say a lot about the drinker—and sometimes those complex messages can be hard to decipher. While certain cocktails are excellent at highlighting male tipplers or lady drinkers specifically, the safer bet for social drinkers concerned with the subtext of their order is to stick to a universally attractive drink. Here are a few thoughts on what makes a sexy order, no matter the context.

An Endlessly Alluring Old Fashioned

“For me, I think a classic Old Fashioned holds up as sexy. When made well, the drink stays strong and flavorful til the very last drop, never losing its allure.” — Mitch M.

A Serious Martini

“A Martini says you mean business and have no time for games.” — Amanda G.

“Scientifically, the sexiest drink is the Martini. James Bond drinks it. Homer Simpson drinks it. Dorothy Parker drank it. Frank Sinatra made them for only the coolest people. None of us actually like Martinis, yet we all strive for a worthy enough palate to enjoy them. It's the cocktail embodiment of man's struggle to be more attractive, more appealing. The Martini is the pursuit of sexy." — Kevin S.

“Martini: It’s a cool, classic drink that I don’t see ordered that often.” — Emily F.

Whiskey in Some Form or Another

Bourbon neat or on the rocks. Bourbon is delicious, but I don’t usually savor drinking it by itself, so there’s a certain allure to loving a liquor that much that you don’t need to mix it with anything.” — Kaleigh C.

Scotch neat is always a sexy thing to order. It’s smooth, smoky and confident.” — Bryant C.

“Whiskey neat. It shows that they know what they like and can handle some bite.” — Rachel D.

“I think for any gender, scotch, neat. A good scotch.” — Aidan B.

A Statement About the Night

“Whenever someone orders Tequila and Sprite, I'm kinda like, ‘Cool, we're getting lit,’ so I'd say that's the sexiest thing someone can order. Maybe it’s just the implication that "tequilla makes you take your clothes off.” I also appreciate it when someone orders a spicy Marg just because that’s my drink of choice.” — Matt K.

A Bitter but Impressive Negroni

“Negronis because most people I know aren't Negroni fans. It has a specific bitter taste so when someone orders it, I'm pretty impressed that he/she likes it.” — Mai N.

Something Light at Heart

“A Dirty Shirley cause it means you’re willing to make a fool of yourself.” — Lauren S.


“I don't think a drink order can get much sexier than a French 75. It's pretty much universally accepted that Champagne is hella classy and this cocktail manages to go a step further and make it interesting by adding citrus and booze. The flutes may be a little goofy and awkward to drink from, but that's part of the charm. Bonus points if you order it with Cognac.” — Anna A.

An Unpretentious Beer

“For me, there's nothing sexier than someone who knows beer but isn't pretentious or annoying about it. I respect someone who will try new things, and is open to trying craft ales or IPAs instead of a go-to cheap lager. But if they want a medal or start going on and on about how people who don't drink double IPAs or trendy sours are stupid, boy bye.” — Laura R.

A Deep Cut Order

“I think it would be sexy if someone ordered an ‘Irish Cactus.’ The drink itself, a mixture of Baileys and tequila, is an unlikely pairing. Despite their differences, it’s actually a match made in heaven. It tastes like how Romeo and Juliet came out of the Montagues and the Capulets. No one has ever actually ordered one that I’ve seen but it would be sexy if someone did that. It’s like finding out she likes the same obscure band that you do.” — Jesse O.

Who Cares?

“If someone thinks my drink is sexy and not me, then there’s a problem.” — Jessica M.

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