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Every Boozy Invention Ever Pitched on Shark Tank, Ranked

The high pressure of appearing on Shark Tank may drive some entrepreneurs to drink, but others are way ahead of the game: They’ve incorporated booze right into their pitches. Like most things pitched on Shark Tank, a lot of these ideas suck. But there are a few beautiful boozy gems among the muck. Here’s every alcohol-inspired invention (from worst to best) to ever be pitched on Shark Tank, ranked from least useful to must-have, in case you feel moved to invest.

BevBuckle: Beverage-Holding Belt Buckle ($25-35)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 4, Episode 1
The Pitch: The BevBuckle (above) is ostensibly made for people who have nowhere to set their drink and think their crotch is an appropriate place to rest a bottle of beer—totally inconspicuous.
Our Take: We don’t know if we want to rewind time until this no longer exists or buy one immediately.

Courtesy of Beatbox Beverages

BeatBox Beverages: Boxed Wine ($22 for a full box)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 6, Episode 6
The Pitch: Do you love orange wine with subtle notes of cultural appropriation? If so, please reconsider your values.
Our Take: The brightly colored, sugary BeatBox wine (which comes in a cardboard box made to look like a boombox) is like the beverage equivalent of blasting your own annoying music in public.

Courtesy of Goverre

Goverre: Plastic Wine Glasses for Outdoor Drinking ($24)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 8, Episode 22
The Pitch: Outdoor drinkers too classy for Solo cups or coffee mugs now have an upscale way to slug vino on the sly. The stemless glasses come with silicone koozies and patent-pending leak-proof lids—or, you know, lids.
Our Take: Skip the schmancy sippy cups and pick up a couple hundred Solo cups for the same price. Red cups may not come with the same fancy upgrades, but honestly that’s a good thing.

Courtesy of Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breacher: Bullet-Shaped Bottle Openers ($30-45)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 6, Episode 8
The Pitch: Go commando and pop all of your bottles with this tactical bar tool. It’s more ‘Merica than that puny bottle cap can handle.
Our Take: You don’t need SWAT gear to open a beer, but if you must show off your love of armaments, at least this tool gives people fresh beer instead of fresh wounds.

Corks Away: Wine Cruises (Currently Unavailable)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 4, Episode 10
The Pitch: A booze cruise is the easiest pitch in the world—drinking on the open sea is basically an American tradition.
Our Take: We love a good booze cruise but we’ll make any host with a bad costume and worse fake accent walk the plank. Ditch the pageantry and let us drink without fuss on the high seas, and you might have yourself a deal.

My Cold Snap: Individual Can Cooler (Currently Unavailable)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 4, Episode 15
The Pitch: After you pull a beer from a cooler, the residual chill lasts only so long. Instead of chugging, transition that chilly beer into an individual-sized cooler. But if you think My Cold Snap just looks like a big cup with icy water at the bottom, consider the cool snap ring that keeps the beer in place.
Our Take: Insulated koozies already protect refrigerated beer effectively, so My Cold Snap’s innovation really comes down to the snappy mechanism keeping the can in place. It definitely keeps the ice in place beneath the can if you flip over your beer, which is really helpful after you just spilled your beer.

Courtesy of Fizzics

Fizzics: Beer Pouring System ($130)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 8, Episode 1
The Pitch: Turn any beer into draft beer with this Keurig-like device. Just pop a can, bottle or growler into the machine, and pull the tap to dispense frothy, drafty goodness.
Our Take: There’s nothing quite like an extra frothy Bud Light to remind you why you go to bars to drink real draft beer in the first place.

Zipz: Single Serving Plasticware (Currently Available for Company Licensing Only)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 6, Episode 11
The Pitch: Zipz single serving cups look exactly like real glassware—from the original wine glass to newer additions like the Hurricane glass.
Our Take: Zipz are slightly more sophisticated than your garden variety outdoor drinkware, but we’ll have to dock style points for any brand name that replaces an “s” with a “z.” Sorry, Zipz. Come back for re-evaluation when you’re no longer stuck in the ‘90z.

Courtesy of Bon Affair

Bon Affair: Wine Spritzer ($12)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 5, Episode 28
The Pitch: Bon Affair’s low-sugar wine spritzers blow up the party without exploding your waistband.
Our Take: Compared to more exciting Shark Tank pitches, Bon Affair’s wine spritzers leave something to be desired. Still, we wouldn’t kick them out of a picnic basket.

Courtesy of Vinamor

Vinamor: A Super-Speedy Wine Aerator ($25)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 3, Episode 9
The Pitch: Normal decanters require patience as you wait for the wine to interact with the air over the course of an hour. The Vinamor replaces that with a strainer over a wine glass so that every drop of wine poured through it has contact with the air.
Our Take: We’re not reinventing the aerating wheel here, but it’s an aerator that works.

Courtesy of Apollo Peak

Apollo Peak: Wine for Cats and Dogs ($10-12)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 8, Episode 20
The Pitch: When all your drinking buddies have ditched you and you can’t bear the possibility of drinking alone, turn to your furry friends for company with pet-friendly non-alcoholic wine. Perfect for the budding cat lady or longtime distillery dog lover.
Our Take: Flavors like Pinot Meow and MalBark make drinking with your pets way more whimsical and way less pathetic, or so we tell ourselves.

Courtesy of Pride Bites

PrideBites: Boozy Pet Toys ($10)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 7, Episode 23
The Pitch: PrideBites allows you to customize a wide variety of pet toys with your furry friend’s image and name. There’s everything from dog beds to leashes to toys, like plush pizza slices and steaks, but the best ones, obviously, are cocktail themed.  
Our Take: Ignore the fact that toy collections are named things like “Yappy Hour” and “Basic Bitch Collection,” and let Fluffy in on the Martini hour with a plushy Martini glass complete with olive skewers. Seriously, what is it with you people and drinking with your pets?

Courtesy of IcyBreeze

IcyBreeze: Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler ($25)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 7, Episode 15
The Pitch: This cooler doubles as a portable A/C unit, which uses the same icy cold water to keep you and your beverages cold.
Our Take: Much of the satisfaction of an icy cold beer on a hot summer day is that it’s your only respite from the debilitating sun. You can’t know true happiness until you have known true suffering.

Courtesy of Amazon

Winedoctor: Wine Preserver ($13)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 5, Episode 25
The Pitch: Be sure that you’ve pumped all excess air out of your leftover bottle of wine by checking the visual indicator that characterizes the Winedoctor Intelli-stopper wine preserver.
Our Take: Our own patent-pending solution to leftover wine is to finish the bottle. If you have a bit more self control, then Winedoctor seems like a good tool.  

Courtesy of Amazon

Beer Blizzard: Plastic Ice Cubes for Beer ($15 for a 6-pack)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 7, Episode 22
The Pitch: This plastic “ice cube” fits snuggly on the bottom of a can, held in place by any standard beer koozie. Think whiskey stones for your Coors.
Our Take: Assuming you’ve stocked up on flashy beer koozies, the Beer Blizzard would help keep all your cans cold to the last sip—or you could just drink a tiny bit faster.

Courtesy of Air Cork

Air Cork: Balloon-Based Wine Preserver ($29)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 3, Episode 4
The Pitch: Sealing an unfinished bottle of wine with a boring old cork, you can use an inflatable bag that definitely won’t cause the bottle to explode if overexpanded. The Air Cork fits in any wine bottle, and the hand pump even looks like a bunch of grapes, just so everyone at the party is really clear on how seriously you take your wine.
Our Take: The inflatable bag is actually a pretty novel solution for leftover wine. You won’t see it in a snobbish wine cellar, but you probably won’t see us there either.

Courtesy of Copa di Vino

Copa di Vino: Another Single Serving Wine ($27-36 for a case of 12)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 2, Episode 1 and again Season 3, Episode 11
The Pitch: Like Zipz, Copa di Vino provides ready-to-serve wine in a sealable plastic container. Unlike Zipz, you can actually buy it.
Our Take: Seven varietals of pre-packaged booze means you’ll be able to match your favorite type of wine to your favorite type of illicit public drinking activity.

Courtesy of Freaker USA

Freaker USA: Beer Koozies ($10)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 4, Episode 26
The Pitch: We’ll let Freaker’s own site speak for itself: “What's that? You have a baby but you also enjoy bum-wine? Is the FREAKER for you? A match made in heaven, gumdrop. Your little one’s sippy cup can be just as freaked as your 40oz Colt. Also your mom’s wine and your kid sister’s Nalgene and your dad’s beer & the vase you sometimes regrettably send flowers to your ex in.”
Our Take: In a world full of loud, expressive koozies, Freaker is a sonic boom of aggressive style, letting you fly your freak flag at top volume.

Courtesy of Liddup

Liddup: LED-Lit Cooler ($230)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 4, Episode 21
The Pitch: The savior on pitch black, warm summer nights, Liddup coolers shine built-in LED lights on your freezer of boozy treats, so you never again have to risk frostbite, feeling around an ice bath in the dark.
Our Take: Setting aside the fact that every phone on Earth now comes equipped with a flashlight brighter than the Sun, Liddup’s founders are right: This isn’t rocket science; it’s a cooler with lights in it, which we guess could help the phone-deprived find their brews.

Courtesy of Wine and Design

Wine and Design: Drink and Draw Classes ($40)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 8, Episode 24
The Pitch: A glass of wine will inspire you to paint new masterpieces, or at least make you immune to criticism of your horrible art.
Our Take: As evident by nearly every Supercall article, we do our best work while intoxicated, so this class is right up our alley. That said, it’s much cheaper to just host your own boozy Bob Ross paint-along at home.

Courtesy of The Brewer's Cow

Brewer’s Cow Ice Cream: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream (Currently Unavailable)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 3, Episode 10
The Pitch: Brewer’s doesn’t just pour any old beer in the ice cream maker and call it a day. They reverse engineer popular brands to remove the alcohol and combine them with cream for a booze-free treat even the kiddies can enjoy.
Our Take: With flavors using Guinness, Ten Penny Ale and Sam Adams, we’re sad to see Brewer’s go out of production. Maybe they should keep the booze in the blend next time like other cult spiked ice cream brands.

Courtesy of Arkeg

Arkeg: A Combo Keg and Arcade Machine (Currently Unavailable)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 4, Episode 12
The Pitch: The Arkeg collapses the entire barcade into a single machine, allowing you to refill your beverage without forcing you to give up your game in progress.
Our Take: This machine poses a great danger to our social lives. With a hearty brew providing sustenance, we could keep a marathon gaming sesh going for days without noticing (or bathing).

Courtesy of Blendtique

Blendtique: Wine Blending Kit ($80-100)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 8, Episode 19
The Pitch: Satisfy your unique palate and play vintner from the comfort of your underpants with this at-home wine blending kit. When you find your perfect mix, upload it to the Blendtique site, name it, design a custom label, and order up a batch of your personalized wine.
Our Take: With four varieties for mixing (Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot), you could blend until your teeth are permanently stained purple and your friends refuse to come over for fear of being forced to taste test.

Courtesy of McClary Brothers

McClary Brothers: Drinking Vinegars ($17)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 7, Episode 1
The Pitch: A mix of vinegar, sugar and fruit, shrubs have long been a secret weapon of bartenders. This line of pre-made shrubs (made in Detroit) brings the flavors of local Michigan produce to your home bar with a tart hit of tangy vinegar.
Our Take: Shrubs don’t get enough love. Nor does Detroit. This is a win-win.

Courtesy of Mobcraft

Mobcraft: Crowdfunded Beer ($25 for a 4-pack)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 7, Episode 21
The Pitch: Like a boozed up version of Mountain Dew’s infamous flavor naming competition, Mobcraft lets the consumer do all the work of flavor creation, leaving brewers to figure out some way to turn a Screwdriver into a beer flavor.
Our Take: Mobcraft gives ordinary drinkers the chance to create wild and crazy beer flavors, which is awesome. On the other hand, we don’t trust ourselves to come up with reasonable flavors. Mobcraft isn’t good or bad; it simply is.

Courtesy of Loliware

Loliware: Edible Cups ($16 for a 4-pack)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 7, Episode 2
The Pitch: Take a bite out of food waste by eating your disposable cup when you’re done with it. The cups are made from seaweed, organic sweeteners, fruits and vegetables, which is probably less gross than it sounds.
Our Take: If you couldn’t tell from our countless variations on Jello Shots, boozy popsicles, and spiked lollipops, we’re big fans of eating our cocktails. Loliware is way ahead of us on the boozy-flavored cup pairings with recipes like the Melon Slush and Loli Mule.

Courtesy of Bevboy

BevBoy: Floating Cooler ($10)

Shark Tank Appearance:Season 6, Episode 18
The Pitch: BevBoy combines two already fantastic products (beer floaties and insulated koozies) into one beer accessory mashup. A weighted arm allows the beer can to float on the surface of the pool, while the insulation keeps the beverage inside nice and frosty.
Our Take: Like a liger, BevBoy is the mythical drinking accessory we always believed existed but never thought we could catch. You’ll find us chilling in our pool with a few floating brewskies and our liger, Sam. Sam loves beer floaties.

Courtesy of 180Cup

180Cup: Solo Cups With Built-in Shot Glasses ($18 for a pack of 22, plus two ping pong balls)

Shark Tank Appearance: Season 5, Episode 7
The Pitch: The bottom of this seemingly standard red cup actually hides a shot glass-shaped hole.
Our Take: This is straight genius. This is why Shark Tank exists—to get brilliant innovations to the masses. The best part of this combo cup is that it only gets more mind-blowing as you use it.