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Look at These People Smuggling Booze in Bread

Be on the lookout, the next time you're at a music festival, you may see a fellow music lover with their face crammed into an entire loaf of bread. While everyone loves a good baguette now and again, it's unlikely this person simply digs carbs so much they regularly consume a ciabatta loaf from end to end. More likely these days (and we take this as a testament to the ingenuity of modern drinkers), that festival-goer is sipping on bottle of whiskey hidden inside the loaf, camouflaged and smuggled past security. The practice is both shockingly common and surprisingly effective for skirting high beverage prices inside festivals. Heck, we’re surprised we haven’t seen mini-bottles in parkerhouse rolls (actually, note to self, pack mini-bottles in parkerhouse rolls at Coachella next year). Here are our favorite examples of the old bottle in a bread loaf trick.

Stuffed in a Sliced Loaf

Even without seeing someone swig from this loaf, you’d probably realize something was amiss from the fact that all the slices stay together magically.

Inside a Sandwich

Ah yes, the salami-tomato-vodka sandwich, aka the STV. While the XL sandwich provided this woman with easy access to her Glen’s Vodka (only the classiest choice for contraband booze at the racetrack), it also got her noticed by security.

Pouring from Your Secret Bottle

Don’t mind me, just pouring my bread into a few Solo cups.

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Two Loaves, No Waiting

When you simply can’t decide between gin or whiskey—er, we mean white or whole wheat—pack both.

A Booze in Bread Fail

With 10 percent more effort, this bottle of Fireball would be in the bellies of two happy festival-goers instead of in the hands of security. Maybe actually make sure your loaf stays together before you attempt to cross the border into the festival.

How to Sneak Alcohol in Bread

To avoid ending up like those sad souls who lose both their bread and their booze in one fell swoop, watch a quick how-to video on the best way to pull off the carb-heavy caper, like this one that features a can in a lovely pullman loaf.