Stop Everything You’re Doing and Go Drink Jelly Sake

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Just as we were getting used to seeing sparkling sake pop up on menus across the country more often, a new craze is slowly coming to some of our favorite restaurants and bars: sparkling jelly sake. Kind of like a weird cross between sparkling sake, bubble tea and fruity Jello Shots, this super fun libation, called Ikezo, is the best thing you’re currently not drinking. It is the epitome of a party in your mouth.

Manufactured by Ozeki Sake, drinking this effervescent wonder is as easy as it is fun. A brief informative video from the brand instructs the drinker to chill the cans, shake them up, then pour it into a champagne flute. You can sip it slowly like they do in the video, or you can split a can between four friends and take it as a shot, like we recently did at Brooklyn’s Ozi Dumplings. No matter which way you swig it, this sweet, sparkling delight makes a great after dinner drink, especially if you’re gearing up for something festive like karaoke.

Ikezo comes in three different flavors, and some include ingredients that claim to benefit your skin. The Peach is sweet with a light acidity and contains ceramide, which some say contributes to skin’s suppleness and smoothness. Mixed Berry—a combination of blueberry, cranberry and strawberry—is very sweet and fruity and has the addition of hyaluronic acid, which is often included in skincare products to promote hydration. Yuzu, which is our personal favorite, is sweet, citrusy and balanced. Each can is only 5.5 percent alcohol, so they won’t make you too tipsy, either.

If you love everything sparkling and can’t get enough of weird, cool Jello Shot variations, then Ikezo Sparkling Jelly Sake is for you. You can buy them in packs of six for $27 at Umami Mart.