This Guy Is Remaking Every Star Wars Ship As A Drone

Star Wars fandom is about as popular—albeit infinitely nerdier—than the original movies, but damn if they're not a community full of go-getters. One Internet legend on Imgur has taken his love of that far, far galaxy to the next level by making drone replicas of every ship in the Star Wars franchise.  

It all started with the Millennium Falcon—the ship that made the f*cking Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. This beast was put together using pieces of expanded polystyrene and carbon tubes which were then hot-glued to a drone.

We've got a TIE fighter too, perfectly painted in great detail, giving the foam character and—as the French call it—pizzazz. Each piece is traced and cut out separately from a series of schematics. 

This guy just keeps better and his latest endeavor, the Imperial Star Destroyer, proves that Star Wars fans can conquer anything in the galaxy...except talking to the ladies, typically. 

It's so majestic. 

No words, except: OMFG this is so sick. 

Three down thus far, but we're gunning for Boba Fett's Slave I next.