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What to Drink According to Your Favorite Classic Star Wars Character

We now live in a world of infinite Star Wars movies. There will be a new one every year until the end of time—or, at least, until an actual Death Star arrives to destroy us. But there will only ever be three original Star Wars movies. These iconic films gave us some of our favorite characters, all of whom, we assume, will one day get their own spin-off. Here, what to drink while you binge watch whichever movies you consider to be within the Star Wars canon, depending on your favorite character.

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Luke Skywalker: Whiskey Sour

He’s a bit naive and he can be moody, but everyone loves Luke—he is the universal savior, after all. The glowing, golden Whiskey Sour is also a general crowd-pleaser, one that reminds folks of their drinking adolescence. Plus, if you have a heavy pouring hand, it can certainly be a forceful drink.  

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Han Solo: Sazerac

Stiff, strong and to the point, a Sazerac doesn’t have time to stick around and talk about its feelings, just like Han. We love you Sazerac. “I know,” the drink responds.

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Princess Leia: French 75

She may be a princess, but Leia Organa’s no shrinking violet. Similarly, the French 75 looks like an innocent glass of elegant Champagne, but within it hides a good slug of gin (or Cognac if you’re old school) and a tart zap of lemon juice.

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R2-D2: Cosmopolitan

Cute as he is, R2 is a bit retro with his beeps and boops and holograph projections. If he still does it for you, then so will this throwback cocktail, which—despite its reputation—is actually incredibly satisfying and balanced if you make it correctly.

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C-3PO: Gin & Tonic

C-3PO is as proper and as British as any android can possibly be. The only thing he’d ever drink (were he able to do so without frying all of his internal wiring) would be a perfectly made G&T.

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Chewbacca: Perfect Manhattan

He looks like a beast, but when you get to know him, Chewy is a softy at heart. He’s as warm and cuddly as a Perfect Manhattan, which eases up on the alcohol by splitting the base between whiskey and sweet vermouth. After a couple of these cocktails, you’ll be relaxed enough to let out a perfect Wookie call.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi: Old Fashioned

One of the OG Jedis, Obi-Wan is certainly old—but he always has style and knows how to break out some sweet, unexpected moves when he needs to. The Old Fashioned may be the original cocktail, but it can also hide a surprise of flavored or differently spiced bitters.

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Jabba the Hutt: Long Island Iced Tea

Excess, excess, excess. That’s what Jabba is about and that’s what the LIIT is about. Long Island Iced Tea, mah boo-kee, mahl boon yan ya bohtoh dal eel ah. Shout out to all my fluent Hutteese speakers out there! Y’all know what I’m saying.

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Yoda: Absinthe Frappe

It’s green and mystical—that can be said about both the Absinthe Frappe and Master Yoda. Drink too much of this sweet and herbaceous drink, and you might think there’s a tiny muppet on your back.

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Darth Vader: Hanky Panky

Dark and bitter, the Hanky Panky hides a lightness within its inky depths: gin. Vader may struggle with the forces within, but you won’t struggle to knock back one (or three) of these curiously delicious cocktails.

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Boba Fett: Vieux Carre

The beloved bounty hunter is the yin to Han Solo’s yang, and the Vieux Carre is just that to the Sazerac. While both drinks come from New Orleans, the Sazerac always gets the cred, while the Vieux Carre sits underappreciated with its powerful combination of rye and Cognac. If you ask us, it’s time for the Vieux Carre to get its own time in the spotlight.

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Stormtrooper: White Russian

They’re dressed in white. It’s a White Russian. You get it.

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Ewok: Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a two ingredient cocktail that might taste sweet, but it’s all booze, baby. So you better watch out for this petite powerhouse. The Ewoks and their MacGyver-esque forest traps can tell you a thing or two about that.

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Lando Calrissian: Mai Tai

We know, Billy Dee Williams repped Colt 45—but we’re not talking about Billy. We’re talking about Lando. And Lando would drink a Mai Tai. Up in idyllic Cloud City, things can seem like a vacation. But stay a little too long, and you’ll wind up in a trap. Drink too many Mai Tais and you might feel betrayed, too.

Greedo: Martini

Greedo is involved with one of the biggest Star Wars controversies (did Han shoot first or did Greedo?), and there’s no drink more controversial than the Martini. Whether you shake it with vodka or stir it with gin, you’re certain to anger someone with your choice of methodology.

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Salacious Crumb: Negroni

Jabba’s court jester/pet, Salacious Crumb (a Kowakian monkey-lizard) cackles and shrieks with laughter whenever pretty much anything happens. He’s a little bit of an acquired taste (much like a Negroni), but once you’re hooked, he’s the best part of the movie.

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The Cantina Band: Margarita

You know those turtlenecked, space bassoon players are down to party when their shift is over. And we’re betting they, like all of us, love a good Margarita after work. They’d probably need to drink theirs through a straw, though. You know, because of their weird, gross tiny mouths?