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What to Drink This Summer, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Summer brings with it a whole new breed of drinks—and just three months to slurp them all down. Understandably, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. To help you out, we consulted with Supercall’s resident seer, who has predicted everything from every sign's ideal drinking game to their perfect booze to their preferred partying habits. Here, what you should be drinking this summer, according to your zodiac sign.  

Aquarius: Spritzes

Intelligent and inquisitive, an Aquarius needs to keep their head clear in order to maintain stimulating conversation with friends over bottomless brunches, and avoid becoming overly heated in a debate. Opt for low-ABV summer sippers, like an Aperol Spritz, to keep your wits about you during a marathon session of day drinking.

Pisces: Ice Cream Cocktails

Forget the beach-bod diet; Pisces recognize the importance of treating yourself and giving in to indulgent cravings. Try creamy, decadent spiked milkshakes or ice cream floats, or these cocktails inspired by ice cream truck classics. The perfect balance of comfort food and boozy beverage, nostalgic Pisces will be transported back to those summer days chasing after the ice cream man.

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Aries: Spicy Cocktails

Adventurous Aries is all about crossing things off their summer bucket list, and nothing says “go big or go home” quite like insanely spicy cocktails. Whether it’s a Jalapeño Paloma, a drink made with a fiery liquor, or crazy cocktails made with the hottest hot sauces in the world, Aries will want to show off that they can handle the heat.

Taurus: Whiskey Cocktails

A Taurus isn’t stubborn for demanding whiskey when it’s 90 degrees out—they’re just in on the secret that whiskey is just as delectable in the blazing heat as it is in the winter. Taurus should mix up cooling whiskey classics like the Mint Julep or Bourbon Rickey, and, if they dare step out of their comfort zone, seasonal twists like the Peachy Keen or Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade.

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Gemini: Energy Drink Cocktails

Social Gemini need to keep their energy up for long nights of bar hopping from hotspot to hotspot. Prepare for the evening with caffeinated cocktails, like refreshing cold brew tiki-tails or craft cocktails made with energy drinks, like this slushy take on a Vodka Red Bull. Or, share the buzzy wealth by pregaming with these Jägerbomb Jello Shots.

Cancer: Icy Blender Drinks

Cancers are loyal and sentimental, which means they’ll love classic summery blended drinks, like Piña Coladas, frozen Margaritas or Daiquiris. Cancers can often be found partying at home with a close group of buddies, and these sharable blender drinks are perfect for a casual, poolside hangout. Prep for a summer full of homefront hangouts by stocking your freezer with slushy cocktails, like this frozen Mojito, made in sandwich baggies—no blender needed.

Leo: Whatever’s In

Not only are Leos creative and cheerful, they also thrive off of attention, making the biggest summer fads a must. Whether it's Frosé, popsicle cocktails or increasingly trendy canned wine, these fun drinks speak to Leo’s whimsical nature. They’re also excellent Instagram fodder.

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Virgo: Healthy(ish) Cocktails

Virgos have worked too hard and too long at the gym to sabotage their efforts with sugary drinks. Luckily, they can still enjoy the occasional happy hour with a healthy(ish) cocktail. Ever one for efficiency, Virgos can kill two birds with one stone, catching a buzz along with their daily fruits and veggies in a vegetable-laden cocktail, like the Kale Martini, or an updated Vodka Soda made with fresh fruit and herbs. They can even consume a superfood in a turmeric cocktail, like this cocktail made with carrot juice and honey.

Libra: Beertails

Libras have a hard time making decisions. So rather than struggle through choosing between a refreshing brewski or a delicious cocktail this summer, they should just opt for both. Try out a wide range of beertails, from summery Shandys to spicy Micheladas to innovative takes on the Mexican Bulldog, and get the best of both boozy worlds.

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Scorpio: Tiki Drinks

Scorpios are passionate and love throwing a dash of intrigue into every aspect of their life. In between checking out the season's pop-up speakeasies, Scorpios will be drawn to classic tiki drinks with romantic lore or seafaring history, like the Navy Grog or Rum Runner. Extra-boozy drinks like the Zombie or Fog Cutter will also satiate a Scorpio’s strong tastes and intense personality.

Sagittarius: Tropical Fruit Cocktails

Sagittarius have a great sense of humor and are all about trying crazy new things. This summer, Sagittarius will love big cocktails served inside tropical fruits, from pineapples to coconuts to dragon fruit. If you’re hosting a backyard bash, make a punch in a watermelon to get everyone in on the fun.

Capricorn: ‘Murica Cocktails

Capricorns aren’t big drinkers on the regular, but they do go all out for special occasions, like the Fourth of July. This year, celebrate with patriotic cocktails for a crowd. Mix up this Star Spangled Sangria—featuring pineapple stars—bright blue cocktails, or a layered frozen Daiquiri reminiscent of Bomb Pops. It’ll be the most festive (and deliciously boozy) Independence Day barbecue ever.